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  • Robert Green's Visual Basic Blog

    Wrox lives

    I met with Joe Wikert, the publisher of Wrox yesterday. Wiley purchased the Wrox name and some of the Wrox titles last year. Wrox is relaunching in June. They have new versions of some existing books coming out and they are planning a series of Whidbey...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    XAML != HTML

    Jason Olsen has an interesting blog entry how XAML != HTML . I had some similar surprises when I first played with XAML too. At first I was expecting a cross between HTML and an XML version of something like PowerPlant's PPob format. However, what you...
  • Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft

    Categories of Testing at Microsoft

    Humans seem to have a natural tendency to categorize. Software Test Engineers are no exception, especially when it comes into breaking down our work items. Different “types” of Testing include the following: Functional Testing Specification...
  • Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft

    Comments thus far

    Thanks for everyone's comments so far! I'm surprised at how quickly this blog has taken off. A lot of people are reading, and a lot of people are showing some great interest about Software Test Engineering at Microsoft. Another STE at Microsoft, Chris...
  • jamespr's WebLog

    Developers Are Awesome

    Thanks to anyone who came to either of my first two sessions today. What never ceases to amaze me is how quickly our developer community process and come up with interesting scenarios and questions around our development platform. For those who couldn...
  • Tim Sneath

    Around the World in 30 Years

    I love this site - I've been wanting to create something similar for a couple of years: Which countries in the world have you visited? Here's the link you can use to create your own "visited country" map. (Thanks to Paul Bartlett for the link.)
  • Tim Sneath

    Getting a Job with Microsoft

    From time to time people ask me what it takes to get employed by Microsoft, usually after having been rebuffed by our recruitment consultants. It sometimes feels like no matter how many skills you have, it's impossible to get considered for a role. It...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Creating ACLs for Custom Objects

    Kenny Kerr has an article up on MSDN showing how to use the Windows ACL security system on custom objects in your application. Although the article is a bit on the short side, and does deviate off topic in a few areas, it provides a nice overview of the...
  • Jose Luis Calvo Salanova

    VSIP Extras for the VSIP SDK 2003 released

    We are developing some tools integrated in VS.NET, and seems that the VSIP Extras for the VSIP SDK 2003 have been released.
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    My first whitepaper "Testing for Accessibility" has been published on MSDN!

    My first blog entry on Testing for Accessibility has been published on MSDN.  Two 9 out of 9′s so far…
  • Michael Creasy's blog

    Microsoft Speech Server launch

    John has a couple of posts on the Microsoft Speech Server launch. That's the team I worked on for almost three years before joining the Windows Media Center team. It's pretty exciting to see it finally get launched :-)
  • Jose Luis Calvo Salanova

    More on Secure Code

    Since my post on Secure Code I have been searching for resources on Microsoft about writting secure code. I have found a dedicated page on the Microsoft Security Developer Center, a PAG guide , some guides and checklists , some code samples , the tool...
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