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  • Scott's Blog

    The pictures are fixed...

    Thanks to Josh Ledgard, expert blogger, the pictures in my Help Toolbar post are now working properly. You no longer have to join the MSN community group where the pictures are located. Please take a look at the full screenshot of Whidbey Help and send...
  • ricksp's WebLog

    User Focus of the C# Language Design Team

    I've gotten some good and interesting feedback on the post about doing usability for Generics. The question on some people's minds is, “Did the language design team really listen to us when they designed how we will use Generics in C#, or were they...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    X Marks the Spot

    Microsoft Main Campus, from the air. The X-shaped buildings, the original six, look alternatively like the evacuated Mars Rover landing structure or a game of tic tac toe that Bill won. Due to their byzantine configurations, finding your way to and through...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    A Day in the Life

    So you’ve asked for it and we do our best to provide! I would like to introduce you to Lars Bergstrom. Lars is currently a Software Design Engineer in our Visual Studio product group. This entry is set up to give you an idea of what the “day...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    ReadPlease 2003

    Some years ago, I was downloading books from Project Gutenburg . I had finished couple of Masters degrees and a few years before had decided not finish off my doctoral dissertation. Nevertheless, I have retained this love of literature. Then, I thought...
  • AllenD's WebLog

    Can Addins & managed packages live together?; Getting to the DTE object model from a package

    Addins & Packages - can they talk to each other? I recently received a question on this from a VSIP partner (Velocitis) so I thought I'd share the info with everyone. Getting to a package from an addin is fairly straightforward. The package...
  • Michael Creasy's blog

    Star Wars on DVD (at last)

    This is the DVD set I've been waiting for since I first started buying DVDs (which was about six years ago, when the number of released DVDs in the UK was about 20). I'm sure there will be another boxed set in the future with all six films, but I can...
  • The Old New Thing

    The look of Luna

    People wanted Luna for others, but they want Aero for themselves....
  • The Old New Thing

    When temperance backfires

    South Carolina is considering being a "free pour" state after all....
  • Darren Jefford

    What is MSMQT?

    So, What is MSMQT? I (stupidly as it turns out) just thought it was a new revision of MSMQ shipped with BTS04 that replaced or extended the built-in MSMQ functionality. Oh did I get that wrong!! J MSMQT ships with BizTalk 2004 primarily to get around...
  • Wayne's Microsoft Blog


    An ellipsis can be useful to have in a diagram: [diagram picture] I've been asked on several occasions how to make one of these puppies, so I thought I'd publish the steps I saw one of my coworkers use: Launch Word, Excel, or PowerPoint...
  • Vikasmsft's WebLog

    Some tips regarding making your application Accessible

    An application write should aim for making sure that all their users have good experience usign their application. Often times while designing the UI of an application developers dont think that some of the users may be visually impaired. Following are...
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