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  • VishalSaxena's WebLog

    LongHorn Concept Videos at MSDN

    [Your user agent does not support frames or is currently configured not to display frames. However, you may visit Cool LongHorn Videos. ]
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Unit testing .NET code

    Unit testing is a very effective way to test code and find errors as early as possible. It also allows you to refactor code with much less fear of breaking something. The Code Project has a nice introductory article on unit testing code in the .NET framework...
  • David Waddleton's Geek Speak

    Geek Speak: Special Event: Houston 11/4/2004

    The Houston MSDN event will truly be LIVE!!! You will need to attend to see what I mean. To Register: Date: 11/4/2004 1pm - 5pm Location: Theater-Willowbrook 24 17145 Tomball Parkway Houston Texas 77064 Upon completion of this...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Holy Old Laptop Multimon Batman !

    I've been reading Charlie Kindels blog, keeping up to date with his home server projects (boy, CEJ sure does have a ton of data for a home user). My "dev" PC has three monitors hooked up, excellent for coding, debugging, etc... - but I also use a Tablet...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Fall Foliage

    As I mentioned last week, I spent last weekend in upstate New York. As a part of that, I drove from western Massachusetts to NYC down the Taconic Parkway (possibly the most beautiful piece of highway in the northeast). I had an opportunity to drive around...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Tuesday’s InfoPath WebCast: User Roles in InfoPath 2003

    Another note from Scott Roberts: I want to personally thank those of you who attended Tuesday’s WebCast: User Roles in InfoPath 2003. I hope you enjoyed the talk and were able to learn something new. If you were unable to attend the talk, don’t worry...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Online Chat with Members of the Security Business Unit

    Microsoft is working hard to improve security and Rich Kaplan, Corporate Vice President for the Security Business Unit, and his security team invites you to join them in a candid Q&A session. Ask us your tough questions; share with us what is going...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Go Google yourself!

    Google Desktop launched (OK, Beta). " Use Google Desktop Search to find: Web pages you've previously seen in Internet Explorer Email you've sent or received via Outlook or Outlook Express IM chats you've had using AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Files in...
  • .:blog.iainmcdonald


    Continuing on with Chris williams old old doc, this section is all about: Team The caliber of the team was often called out by the interviewees as a key success factor. While this is relatively obvious, the signs of a problem in this area are less so...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    jkOnTheRun - Discussion of Tablet PC

    Take a look at this Tablet PC article from jkOnTheRun - the article discusses why OEM's should consider creating a small form factor Tablet PC device - this does raise an interesting question, where do Tablet PC's and Pocket PC's cross over - is there...
  • From The Depths

    Questions on Concurrency Conflict Resolution

    There's been an e-mail thread going around in an internal Microsoft Business Framework (MBF) discussion list of the best way to handle concurrency conflicts. Someone brought up the novel idea of asking users what they would like to happen. So that's what...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    So you say you want a revolution.... well then do what you do best!

    So, you say you want a revolution.... you want to have better tools and better applications and you want it for less and you want it yesterday Well... If you ask your average corporate executive today, do you believe that you have gained everything you...
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