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  • Cyrus' Blather

    Hey Wha Happen?!

    I while back I posted a link to an incredible session at Tech-Ed related to social engineering attacks. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I wanted everyone to get a chance to listen to it. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and I didn't realize...
  • Vinayak's WebLog

    Product catalog system: The logical components

    This is the first in the series of articles which will describe the Product catalog system. Brief history of the catalog system The Product catalog system was first introduced in Commerce Server 2000. This version was COM based with Sql server being...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    What can we look forward to from the Mono team in the future.

    With the new release of Mono 1.0 , I find myself very happy. But i feel that there is much work that can still be done. Hopefully pretty soon we'll be able to enjoy: version 2.0 "Stereo" version 4.0 "Quadraphonic" and version 5.0 "Surround...
  • robwill's WebLog

    Back on line

    Took a few days off over the Fourth of July holiday. Went backpacking with my sons and the dog while my wife and daughter visited old friends in New York. We covered some tough miles with a lot of elevation gain, some route finding required, hot, dusty...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Why should I even bother to use DLL's in my system?

    At the end of this blog entry , I mentioned that when I drop a new version of winmm.dll on my machine, I need to reboot it. Cesar Eduardo Barros asked: Why do you have to reboot? Can't you just reopen the application that's using the dll, or restart the...
  • simon.says

    MSDN Web Cast

    For those that may have missed it, I presented a Web Cast this morning on Web Services Interoperability and Integration. I believe this will be available for online viewing in 48 hours or so. MSDN Architecture Webcast: Interoperability and Integration...
  • notes and rants

    EDC Follow up

    Thanks to everyone who attended my talks at edc. I thought the tux hands on labs went very well - I got a lot of great comments and questions. I was especially impressed that at least one attendee came to both sessions! The CE Testing Strategy talk...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    MGB 2004 - Welcome to Atlanta

    Microsoft Global Briefing (MGB) will be held in Atlanta this year. I am really excited to attend my first MGB event, and simultaneously bummed that it is in Atlanta. I would have loved to go somewhere cool with a beach. So, what's to do in Atlanta...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Wi-Fi on trains

    Wi-Fi on trains . Great. Now all I need is a large bag to carry 15 pre-charged batteries.
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    MSDN Webcasts Weblog

    MSDN Webcasts Weblog . Good idea.
  • Buck Hodges

    Scoble is everywhere

    I got the July issue of Triangle TechJournal and opened it up to find an interview of Robert Scoble by Andy Beal (the interview doesn't appear to be on the web site yet). So even my mail box has been Scobleized. Among other things, he mentions taking...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Facetop - F2F e-biz collaboration

    Screen meets face at the Facetop . (Via infogargoyle )
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