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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Christmas - Action Figures ?

    I guess Christmas must be getting close, it’s cold and wet outside (actually that closely describes most days in Seattle), and the stores look like they are getting ready for Valentines day, or Easter, or something like that… I see that you...
  • Chris Johnson

    How can I trust Firefox?

    With all the hoopla going on around the browser wars starting again and how IE is dead etc... i thought this post was really well written and clear. Its shows the issues, the reasons and the implications of some poor design decisions. I personally...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    January-March 2005 MSDN Event Ready Reference

    MSDN Events Ready Reference January-March 2005 Events WinForms - Produce, Extend, Enhance Shaped Windows Forms and Controls in Visual Studio .NET
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Blog updated with new MSDN Channel 9 videos.

    I recorded some MSDN Channel 9 videos with Joe Morris (Windows XP Embedded SP2) and Don Box (yep, him), these have been up on MSDN Channel 9 for a few days now, so I decided to update my Blog’s Channel9 Video page – Mike
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    EPIC 2014

    via Slashdot ... Just seen EPIC 2014 , a beautifully created Flash movie by Robin Sloan describing a possible online future. Speculation inlcudes a merger between Amazon and Google, Googlezon. Get your headphones out.
  • Richard Godfrey

    December UK Architect Forum

    If you're interested in seeing the presentations from the recent Architect Forum in London on Software Tools and Methods, the files are now available from Also, don't forget...
  • josh's WebLog

    long time no blog: beta 2 go live

    just a quick note today. it's been half a year since i last blogged and, sad to say, not much has changed. the most notable news is that Peter (Huene) has left the team (and the company). i can honestly say he was one of the best developers that i have...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    New places to look

    The latest installment of our DSL tools is available for download here . Jochen Seemann announces it here . Jack Greenfield has started blogging here .
  • One Louder

    Dan Gillmor spoke at Microsoft

    BillCan blogged about Dan Gillmor's presentation at Microsoft. I was there too and knew there was something I was forgetting to blog about. Yeah, they let us mere mortals attend MS Research can spot us, we are the ones with the lip gloss...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    使用Application Center Test (ACT)来做压力测试

    在我们完成了基于 SPS2003 的开发,实现了我们的具体应用以后,我们是不是就可以直接请用户来使用了呢?如果我这么做,那么有经验的开发人员一定会对此嗤之以鼻:居然连压力测试也不做!真是不想活了 …… 呵呵,是啊。开发环境往往只考虑功能,到了具体环境中,就需要考虑有大量的用户来访问的时候,很多功能会不会出错?性能会怎么样呢? …… 我们这里就简单看看,怎么来做压力测试。 相信作压力测试肯定有很多工具,而我们一般使用的,现在很多是 Application Center Test (ACT) 。这个东东是...
  • Alan Cameron Wills - Domain Specific Languages

    UML the answer? -- more

    Grady Booch writes : Will's blog had a number of errors of fact, Ouch! Well, permit me to unruffle my feathers a bit. It's more a difference of emphasis. But let's start at the top. GB> I'm disappointed that Microsoft choose the term "software factory...
  • JasonJoh's [MSFT] WebLog

    Getting Exchange MAPI's GC-Reconnect stuff to work

    I recently wrestled with this and found it wasn't exactly intuitive, so I wanted to share my findings. What the heck am I talking about? Imagine this scenario. Your MAPI application running on a machine with Exchange 2000 or 2003's MAPI implementation...
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