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  • Watcher of the skies

    The value of Microsoft Research

    As mentioned in one of Brumme's past entries , more visibility (and kudos) is needed for the Microsoft Research division. This large, university-like component of Microsoft consistently produces so many amazing technologies that eventually end up in our...
  • Bug Babble

    Crave and Vivace

    Shai and I ate dinner at Crave , a new place down the street from home. The Rosemary flatbread is incredible. Everything is incredible. Places like this make me happy to live in my neighborhood. Since I decided to break down and post something food related...
  • Watcher of the skies

    Dying Extra-Solar Gas Giant Planet Leaks Carbon-Oxygen

    Interesting article on a recent discovery of Carbon and Oxygen in the atmosphere of the dying gas giant Osiris.
  • Junfeng Zhang's Windows Programming Notes

    How to get thread id for a managed thread?

    This question comes up from time to time. The answer is, there is no explicit numeric thread id for managed thread today in .Net framework. Now if you do need a numeric thread id for whatever reason, you can use System.Threading.Thread.GetHashCode()....
  • JoeN's Blog

    Options, Options Everywhere (part 2)

    Seems like a lot of people are interested in the Visual Studio options post I made! If I had to summarize the feedback I'd say that most people: Want better management of options . VS needs to provide better categorization of the current options...
  • Robert Horvick's Weblog

    Spotting Code Defects #3 (C++ 101)

    This is an easy one – something for the C++ 101 kids J When first learning C++ there are some fairly canonical samples people go through. Hello World, a simple address book, a simple game of adventure, etc. The name/age lookup sample...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog


    OK- everyone reading my blog knows that I love NewsGator. (Hey- NG dudes: why aren’t you advertising on Office Online Marketplace? Someone posted a comment to one of my earlier blogs asking this great question). Well, I now am monitoring a lot of...
  • Santomania

    Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Connector for SharePoint Technologies RTM's

    Microsoft® Content Management Server 2002 Connector for SharePoint™ Technologies enables you to integrate Microsoft Office® SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows® SharePoint Services 2.0 technologies with Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS...
  • David Hill's WebLog

    What is a Smart Client anyway?

    One question I get asked a lot is “So what, exactly, is a Smart Client and what makes it so smart?“. Well, OK, that's two questions but you get the idea. Hmmmm.... After much deliberation, soul searching and speaking to customers and partners...
  • Tim Sneath

    The "All New" MSDN Flash Is Here

    We finally launched an all new MSDN Flash newsletter in the UK today. This is the culmination of a lot of work taking a long hard look at the existing MSDN Flash newsletter and trying to identify all the things we can do to make it more interesting and...
  • Mitch Walker

    Terrarium Portal

    I really need to update the Terrarium Portal in a big way. Way too much stale information, not a very good lay out and basically a boring appearance. I'll have to see what I can do to change it up a bit. Eventually (for T2?) I would like the server...
  • .NET Banana

    Security Briefings: Virginia and Pennsylvania

    In addition to the big security summits , we also have some half day MSDN security briefings coming up. These aren't part of the standard MSDN seminars that I deliver, but are focused purely on security and are delivered by specialist presenters. In...
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