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  • IEBlog

    More on IE's UA string and the SV1 token

    In earlier posts, Christopher mentioned that for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1 the UA string was getting a new ‘SV1’ decorator. This has stirred up a flurry of questions and comments about our reasoning behind this decision. Why did we add...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    FinalBuilder for Automated Software Builds Now

    Sure, in Whidbey you'll have the all powerfull MSbuild solution, but FinalBuilder looks like a pretty cool solution you can use today. Roy likes it . :-) From the Web Site: Software projects are inherently complex...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    My First Microsoft Interview

    No, this is not a nostalgic look back at one of my 4 interview experiences spanning 18 months (maybe I will blog on that one day). Yesterday, I was able to participate in the interview process for the first time in the role of interviewer. In the field...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Official non-platform SDK download location for msizap.exe

    Thanks to a heads up from someone who read my previous post about msizap.exe, I am happy to be able to point to a download location where you can get msizap.exe (along with a GUI-based front end to make it easier to use) from a Microsoft KB article -...
  • Sharp Things

    Hack the Build: Peeking under the Hood

    Jomo Fisher--I like to know how things work. When someone says “Trust me” I get suspicious and more curious than I might have been. I want to know why I should trust them. I want to know the details. If you build your application in VS Beta1 and you have...
  • Visual Studio Team System

    Q: What is code churn?

    A: Code churn is defined as lines added, modified or deleted to a file from one version to another. We dimension it by the following: User Date/Time Changeset Portfolio Project Path Applicability: Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh with Visual Studio 2005...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Fractured Arm

    I haven't been blogging lately, mainly because I'm busy and because I fractured my arm. It happened about two weeks ago while playing roller hockey. I was going full speed from left to right and only had the goalie to beat. The goalie jumped out of the...
  • manish godse's Application Insights and remoting blog

    Reflection and remoting

    Reflection should work just fine over remoting proxies. In some cases you need to be a little careful since for some cases the entire type heirarchy isnt available mainly for wellknown proxies, since the proxy is generated without a remote invocation...
  • Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft

    A Great Use For Blogs

    I'm going to head off today and talk about something in the blog world, and not at all about testing. Every now and then I hear of a new use for blogs that I really like. Most of us are used to the standard paradigm, I write in a blog so my family and...
  • Dino's Blog

    Cooperative Fiber Mode Sample - Day 8

    It seems like a good time to take a breather and look at what we have going on so far. First, we’ve started the runtime. We’ve handed our IHostControl off to the runtime. The runtime has called back to our IHostControl and gotten a couple of managers...
  • Rob Caron

    Help Us Help You: Defining Custom Settings in Team Architect (aka Whitehorse)

    Alex Torone, a Program Manager on the Team Architect product team, would like your feedback on the custom settings feature in Team Architect (aka Whitehorse). Specifically, he'd like to know how you anticipate using this feature and if there's anything...
  • jeff's WebLog

    How do I change what CTRL+ENTER does in IE?

    When using IE, CTRL + ENTER is a very useful shortcut. It puts 'http://www' before the text in the address bar and '.com' at the end. So if I want to visit '' all I have to do is type ALT + D , microsoft, CTRL + ENTER . But what...
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