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  • .NET4Office

    Excel PIAs: Who you calling Dummy--Dummy?

    When you look at the Excel PIA in the object browser in Visual Studio, you will quickly notice what appears to be method centric name calling: a slew of methods with the text “Dummy” in them. There's even an interface called IDummy (implement...
  • alipark's WebLog

    Windows has top speakers too!

    One more to add to Denise’s list is Mark Russinovich – his last year’s score was also 8.2 for Troubleshooting Windows with the Sysinternals Tools. This year he will be doing WIN499 Windows and Linux: A tale of Two Kernels & WIN399...
  • the1's WebLog

    How Would You Get the Count of an Array in C++?

    The question is simple: given a C++ array (e.g. x as in int x[10] ), how would you get the number of elements in it? An obvious solution is the following macro ( definition 1 ): #define countof( array ) ( sizeof ( array )/ sizeof ( array...
  • Mark Cliggett's WebLog

    Long-term goals/challenges of community tech previews

    I was forwarded a great email thread from VB customers. Here are some excerpts (from multiple people): "I'm beginning to think "Community Editions" of products as large and complicated as Whidbey are NOT a good idea. Yes I said, NOT. Reason?...
  • Rudi Larno's WebLog

    Windows XP SP2 for Developers

    For the developers that care about security and wanting to make sure 1. They can develop on their Windows XP machine with SP2 2. Their app will run smoothly on Windows XP SP2 MSDN Webcast: Overview of Windows XP SP2 for Developers...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Modifying InfoPath manifest.xsf file from script (5/5)

    Part 5 of 5: The final function And the final function is function FixupSolutionXSN( inputDirectory, xsnInputName, outputDirectory, xsnOutputName, serviceURL, wsdlURL) { var XsnInputPath = Combine(inputDirectory, xsnInputName); var XsfInputPath = Combine...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    What are the best development books?

    After a long and unintended absence, Gretchen and I are getting back into posting again. I thought I would start off slow though and ask the audience a question. You know, I don’t want to shock my system too much. A recent person commented...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Things not to do when you run a combined build and BVT lab...

    First, a caveat: I have nothing but respect for the people who run build and BVT labs. It’s a thankless task that requires obscene amounts of time and energy. Now on with the story J … My favorite example of things that you shouldn’t...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Read this post! (by yag)

    For those of you (like me) who are really into the promise of the Community Tech Previews that we've started, read this post by Mark Cliggett. He explains what is going on behind the scenes. I'm totally with Mark on this one - I think that the CTP's will...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    The new new lazy loader

    Cyrus then incorporated the Weak/Strong reference stuff into the LazyLoader. He also refactored the factory to give you a reliable, predictable default & be a bit simpler. (You also need Optional<> and the Lock<> code.) First, the...
  • simon.says

    Web Services, Web services or web services?

    I'm using the word 'Web Services' in the middle of a sentence... I've found the capitalization seems to vary by person, industry, topic and/or vendor. Which is the correct sentence? Business has benefited from our Web Services strategy. B usiness...
  • Rudi Larno's WebLog

    Re-instate the 'Esc'ape key!! (please, pretty please, with sugar on top?)

    I would like to start a call to all developers in the world, and especially to the Longhorn devs; to re-instate the Escape key. There are just soo many scenarios still in the Windows shell where you as a user (of a not soo powerfull machine perhaps) are...
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