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  • Kentc's SOAPbox

    Digital Photography, post 2

    Why is it I never remember to post a complete blog until after I re-read my own post? I do this a lot in emails as well. Its embarrassing. I’m hoping that we’ll add some other squiggly line color someday that’ll remind me that I’ve...
  • Santomania

    Happy New Year! Welcome To Microsoft! Resistance is futile!

    Yep, I got that warm fuzzy feeling which only an email titled “ Welcome To Microsoft ” can give :) In mid January I'll fly over to the campus for a NEO (New Employee Orientation) where I will get b0rg implants , have my personality matrix...
  • Cool Client Stuff

    Happy 2004!

    Back from a nice month long vacation - will get back to blogging soon. Not sure when the GotDotNet blogs will be moved to their new home, but meanwhile, I will continue to post here.
  • Kentc's SOAPbox

    Digital Photography...

    …has replaced film photography in our home. It took me two printers and an upgraded camera to convince my wife that digital could compete and then replace traditional 35MM film cameras. Our first digital camera was my Christmas gift in 1998....
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Series on secure programming

    Over at IBM, there's a series on secure programming . It's mainly focused on Linux, but you can apply most things to Windows as well. Thanks to Slashdot for that one. I just discovered (yeah, I'm slow) they also have an RSS feed . Yahoo!
  • Kentc's SOAPbox

    Software conflicts and the madness of it all

    A couple of days ago I tried to burn a CD of some photos I’d taken at my niece’s basketball game so she would have them and could share them with her coach and teammates. The built in software in Windows XP normally makes that very easy to...
  • Kentc's SOAPbox


    My first experience with a computer was on my college roommate’s Mac Plus. One floppy held the OS and the application Microsoft Word 3.0 is memory serves and the other floppy held my data disk. That’s pretty amazing given there are DLLs that...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    We really need to work on our web site

    Have a look at the home page for Mac OS X . Now have a look at the home page for Windows XP Home . Which would you rather buy? The Mac home page has beautiful graphics, some product descriptions (in fairly colloquial English -- “scads of...
  • Man vs Code


    I started working on the outline for a book I am planning to write about ObjectSpaces. My goal was to get it started before 2004, so there you go - well ahead of schedule. Please don't tell Dare though, I am suppose to be finishing up a long over due...
  • Another Microsoft Blogger

    Kazaa tops Yahoo's search queries for 2003

    Cmon Aussie Cmon. Kazaa tops Yahoo's list of 2003 search words . Kazaa is run out of Sydney. Finally, another Australian company (okay so Sharman bought it from the Dutch... so?) gets world recognition for something related to the internet economy. Okay...
  • RunOfTheMillBlog


    I am going on vacation from tomorrow. I will have intermittent connectivity and i hope to post some of the things that i was thinking for the past few days.
  • The Old New Thing

    How to stop delivery of telephone books

    Like many of you (I suspect), I don't use the paper telephone book. If I want to look something up, I go online. Yet every year I get a dozen different telephone books. I don't like them because a telephone book sitting on my front porch screams, "Rob...
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