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  • Steve Kirk's WebLog

    Hello world

    I’m the content strategist (and chief bottleneck) for the Microsoft .NET Architecture Center on MSDN and I hope this new weblog will provide a useful channel for discussions on architecture and site topics...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    SCO as a WMD

    Interesting, and surprisingly political article about SCO on Netcraft. Basically describing how SCO could turn the upcoming MyDoom attack against others. [upcoming content has absolutely nothing to do with my employer ] I've been watching the whole...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    ASP.NET Applications without Web Projects

    Darrell Norton commented on one of my recent posts, “ Fritz Onion and others liked to use class libraries instead of ASP.NET projects. In the Whidbey version, I believe you will be able to run an ASP.NET project without IIS installed at all, so...
  • The Scripting Guys' First Blog

    This is a test

    Just ignore this; it's not a real posting. But stay tuned; the Scripting Guys will be blogging before uou know it.

    Microsoft Offers Reward

    Here's some info from Microsoft regarding a reward program set up in the wake of MyDoom.B. Microsoft Offers $250,000 Reward for Information Leading to Conviction of MyDoom.B Perpetrators REDMOND, Wash. -- Jan. 29, 2004 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    Impending Doom

    My manager said to me last week, “The most important thing the c# compiler does, is not compiling the code, it is generating good error messages.” Helping you write bug free code is what we do. I was thinking about this yesterday as I sat...
  • .NET Security Blog

    ClickOnce on the .Net Rocks Radio Show

    There was quite a bit of discussion about ClickOnce on the .Net Rocks show earlier this week. You can listen here: . The discussion starts at about 14:00 and ends around 31:00.
  • Me, Myself and My Blog.

    Fixing Deleted Menus Items

    Our team has been busy working on the next service pack for eVC 4.0 - SP3 - which addresses one of highly requested features from our customer to have the ability to use Remote Tools to target multiple versions of the CE Platform. As I was playing around...
  • Another Microsoft Blogger

    Xbox for $99? Xbox 2 in 2005?

    story from
  • Franci Penov

    Mars in 3D

    If you are geeky enough, you most probably have those colored stereo glasses that would help you see the NASA's 3D images of Spirit . If you are not geeky enough (or you are cheapskate like me :-)), MS Research can help you here ...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Technical Summit 2004 - be prepared!

    Die PDC 2003 verpaßt? Trotzdem interessiert an der Zukunft von .NET? Neugierig auf Whidbey , Yukon , Longhorn , Avalon , Indigo , WinFS , WinFX , ObjectSpaces, Burton ... Dann anmelden für den Microsoft Technical Summit 2004 am 2. und 3....
  • So what is a developer experience anyway?


    I just got forwarded this link to a pretty amusing and interesting usability site:
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