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  • BCL Team Blog

    An inside look at the Base Class Libraries Team on Channel 9! [Kit George]

    Microsoft's channel 9 recently came by and did a video of the BCL team. The first video is now available for viewing! The intent was to give people a chance to see some of the personalities on the BCL, and give you a look at some of our processes, what...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Cryptographically Secure Random number on Windows without using CryptoAPI

    Historically, we always told developers not to use functions such as rand to generate keys, nonces and passwords, rather they should use functions like CryptGenRandom , which creates cryptographically secure random numbers. The problem with CryptGenRandom...
  • Ed Draper

    Honda to lease fuel cell vehicles to U.S. individuals

    This is good news. It’d be great to actually be able to buy one! My wife and I bought a Toyota Prius a couple of months back and we’ve been delighted with it so far. However, it’d be great to actually move beyond a hybrid when...
  • Jochen Seemann's Blog

    New tutorials for DSL tools available

    We have just published a few walkthroughs for the December04 CTP release. I apologize for the delay, because I know it is difficult to play with our DSL tools without these tutorials. At the same time I would like to thank you for your interest in this...
  • [MSFT]

    Slides from Icelandic - Web Services Competency Workshop

    We were lucky enough to get Beat Schwegler from the Microsoft Corporation EMEA Architecture team to do a 2 day workshop on Web Services. Here are the slides from the workshop. For those of you who don't read Icelandic...don't worry - everything is in...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

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    Career Paths at Microsoft Learn more about Program Management, Development, and Testing roles at Microsoft. Gretchen’s Posts That's me. Guest Columnists That's everyone but me. Zoë’s Posts <Archived> Zoe is no longer with Microsoft, but her words...
  • Rakesh's Blog

    Is C++ dying?

    Thanks for all the mails sent by the readers enquiring about the long silence. I took a long vacation J . I started to learn to ski this season. But unfortunately this winter season seems to be a disappointment for ski enthusiasts. I will continue to...
  • One Louder

    Recruiters who actually know what they are talking about

    I've heard people (job seekers, people on the receiving ends of headhunter calls or phone interviews) complain about recruiters who don't know what they are talking about. Specifically, complaining about recruiters that don't understand their functional...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Suggestion Box - Part 3

    Meow! Welcome to the JobsBlog Suggestion Box! If you have a suggestion for a future topic, please submit it here. Some subjects may be too confidential for me to discuss or too out of my realm of expertise, but I promise to read and respond to each posted...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Avalon available to the public!

    The November 2004 CTP release of Avalon is now publicly available on MSDN , for use with the Express versions of Visual Studio tools that you can also download from MSDN. Check it out!
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Are Categories Useful? Please Excuse the Construction

    I'm bored with the look of my blog again. I'm going to be mucking around a bit over the weekend so don't be alarmed if things look a little off or it doesn't render correctly in firefox for a bit. Yes, I will test it when I'm done. :-) I also wanted to...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    Srikanth ... Another Introduction

    Following the trend, I would like to introduce myself. I joined Microsoft and the XML team recently as a PM. I have now come to own the XmlReader, the native Infoset Reader, the XmlWriter and the Xml Binary Reader (both native and managed). Prior to coming...
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