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  • Stephen Toub

    Media Center and Outlook

    As I mentioned in my last post , I recently wrote an article for MSDN detailing an approach for synchronizing calendars in Outlook with custom event data sources. I also mentioned that I included a few demo (but usable) CalendarProvider implementations...
  • alipark's WebLog

    Lion in your show bag is a screen cleaner for your monitor

    When you get your event bag, be sure to check all the 3 large pockets. There is a lot of cool stuff, but you need to look for some of it J The Management lion is actually a screen cleaner for you monitor. Be sure to put your shirt redemption ticket in...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Who else was at the Mariners game? (by yag)

    Scoble blogs that he and Maryam were at the Mariners game today. I was there too - with Robert Green from the VB team. Beautiful day for a game... Nice to see we're not the only ones not down at Tech Ed... <g>
  • JRoxe's WebLog

    Favorite Starter Kit Ideas

    I've heard a lot of feedback that we should put together some starter kits in VB that people can use to get going with VB. I love the idea and want to start creating them and start seeding the community to create them. However, every time that I've...
  • JRoxe's WebLog

    Best VB Blogs

    This seems to be a relevant question with TechEd going on...What are your favorite VB Blogs, particularly those outside of Microsoft? If you respond with your favorite blogs, I'll compile the list and post it.
  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    New IIS site...

    I wouldn't have known about this site, if the site's owner wasn't sitting behind me on the plane to TechEd, so I thought the rest of you might not know about it either :) is a new site dedicated to resources for evaluating IIS, and contains...
  • Rob Caron

    Less Mystery, More Intrigue

    If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. - Kahlil Gibran Just got checked-in at the convention center. Checking my TechEdBloggers feed (good wireless here, so far), I see that Denise Smith...
  • KMorrill's WebLog

    Made it to TechEd

    I made it into TechEd this afternoon without any hitches. The weather was just starting to look up as we pulled out of Seattle, but no doubt pales in comparison to the sun and palm trees down here. I always love seeing Mt. Rainer from up in the air, and...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Why Blaster did not infect Windows Server 2003

    I've been meaning to write about this for some time, but while pondering over my very dead laptop (it won't even get to the “Choose an OS to boot' option”, I remembered. The code which Blaster took advantage of was in the released version...
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    A Month at Microsoft

    I ran across Ian's site and his comments about working for Microsoft via Scoble , and it reminded me that my first month at Microsoft came to a close last Wednesday. I'm due for another post. Some readers probably expect that I'll go on and on about how...
  • Matt Powell

    TechEd and Web Services

    I've made it down here to San Diego for TechEd and am currently sitting in a VERY comfortable couch in the developer section of the Cabanas. We have been working very hard over the past few weeks in preperation for TechEd and it is exciting to know...
  • alipark's WebLog

    Finally in San Diego!

    Hi All- Sorry, I did not log the last couple of days. My luck I got sick on Friday, traveled sick yesterday and have been too sick until today sit at my computer J I am feeling better today and will be at the Community Lounge for most of the day. I hope...
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