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  • Visual Studio Data

    Architecture Journal (by yag)

    Thanks to a tip on Channel 9 , I've found out about the Microsoft Architecture Journal . Note that to download the PDF you must register, but the articles also show up online. As an example, the first issue contains: Best Practices for Rule-Based...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Silliness (by yag)

    Sometimes you just get things that tickle your funny bone... A video of a dog on a skateboard . Leads me to google the topic... And I get 49,100 hits. The internet is a wonderful thing...
  • Visual Studio Data

    A shout out to Julia (by yag)

    Julia posted about Maryam today. Just wanted to say “ditto”. It was a great dinner - and pretty funny watching Robert's head peek around the partition every time Maryam started talking about him. <g> That's what happens when two groups...
  • Visual Studio Data

    AS/400 Data Provider for .NET (by yag)

    Just catching up on my newsgator folders and saw that there's a beta download of an AS/400 Data Provider available from IBM. Pretty cool.
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    How to make it better

    This post is part of Issue 5’s answer The previous post demonstrated that we have to care about the messages we pass around. At the end, it’s always about the process of defining contracts. Let’s think about the way we’re...
  • canthe's WebLog

    What's one more blog in my day?

    Some of the SBS MVPs suggested I start a blog. It's actually something I've thought about doing for a while, so I figured I could add some thoughts and answer questions for people about SBS, and also post some wandering thoughts that go across my mind...
  • GrantRi's WebLog [MS]

    Happy (Belated) Easter

    So a while back there was big news about some secret code in IE that used “Netscape engineers are weenies”. I only know what I read in the newspapers about this, and the fact that internally MS outlawed any and all 'Easter Eggs'. We were given...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Longhorn scoping

    Jeremy Mazner posts on the Longhorn scoping . In his posts, he notes the lack of posts by other Microsoft bloggers on the subject. I have to admit, it's in the realm of topics I've avoided because I'm not sure what is or is not public.
  • Juan Roman Escamilla


    Bueno, he aquí mi primer post escrito en mi blog bajo MSDN. En verdad resulta me provoca mucho ruido tener un blog bajo este sitio, siento una terrible necesidad de hablar de código y quizá una breve reflexión sobre mis vacaciones...
  • Riding Herd

    What? They cut WinFS??

    There has been a great deal of hubub about what Jay Greene’s BusinessWeek article means for Longhorn, and WinFS in particular. I’ve been surprised by the general silence on MS blogs on this topic – which is perhaps an indication that...
  • Johan Lindfors

    MSDN Live on Security, for developers, by developers.

    It's closing in on me... Next week we're rolling out another big roadshow in Sweden, starting with the major three cities: Stockholm on April 20, Göteborg on April 26 and Malmö on the the 28'th. Those events will be full day sessions (from 9...
  • Juan Carlos Lozada's WebLog

    Analyst: Intel Reverse-Engineered AMD64

    Después de investigar el conjunto de instrucciones utilizados en los chips de 64-bit de AMD e Intel, un analista de la industria ha concluido que Intel realizó un reverso de ingeniería del conjunto de instrucciones del AMD64 para crear...
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