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  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    Strong E-Commerce Season

    Wired has a report about an increase in online shopping this season . In the first six weeks of the holiday season (spanning November and December), online purchases reached $16.7B, up 28 percent from last year. (Yes, that's a "B", as in "Billion") Patick...
  • The Old New Thing

    Do you need clean up one-shot timers?

    What would the world be like if it were true?...

    Nowhere to start but the beginning

    0. That's how many blog posts I have written before. It also happens to be the expected readership of this blog. Having no idea how to do this and suspecting that no one will ever care, I'll just say a few things about myself and what I do and some of...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Happy Holidays

    Thanks to all my readers, hope you have a happy and safe %HOLIDAY% . I'll be off-line for a few days, so no comments will get moderated until I return. What a way to end the year ! ;-)
  • Ed Draper

    The MCE vs TiVo cost issue

    I've had a few comments regarding my awarding Windows Media Center Edition a “+” on price in my previous post. Here’s my rationale: I fundamentally challenge the idea that an MCE box needs to be used as a stand alone system. I use my MCE system constantly...
  • Guoqiang Wu's Blog

    Automate Office Task Pane with Active Accessibility

    The background Almost every Office application provides a powerful object model(OM) to allow developers to programmatically access its functionalities. However, there are always things that are inaccessible from OM. And a lot of task panes fall into...
  • Ben Armstrong

    I'm number 1! :-)

    Well my father just emailed me to let me know that if you Google for 'Ben Armstrong' this blog is the first on the list ( ). Woo Hoo!
  • Ben Armstrong

    Please don't use /3GB - okay?

    Every now and then someone will report that they are having problems launching more than 10 or so virtual machines under Virtual Server. Inevitably it turns out that they have enabled the /3GB boot option (
  • Rob Caron

    VSTS December CTP Now Available on MSDN

    Visual Studio 2005 CTP - December 2004 - DVD (English) is now propagating to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads servers. Here are some visual guides for installing: Two-Computer Install (including Domain Controller...
  • vincem's WebLog - another very cool free download

    Check out 2.0 for a great MS Paint replacement (since we're replacing notepad). This tool and the Image Resizer from the XP Power toys are a 'must download' for anyone sharing digital photos. I'll start blogging on more build topics after the...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    What is the Microsoft Peer Networking platform?

    The Microsoft Peer Networking Platform consists of several pieces: Graphing - This is an application layer multicast protocol. Think of a replicated database, records in this database can be enumerated,searched,added, modified and deleted. By default...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    I will NEVER use Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded !!!

    That’s quite a strong statement, right ? – so why wouldn’t I use Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded ? The operating systems are too big There’s no support for real-time functionality The operating systems are not secure It’s too hard to configure an operating...
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