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  • Brad Abrams

    My first old college buddy to find my blog

    An old college friend of mine found my blog recently and was even full of “tips” for me as well... thanks Jason, some things never change! I found a way to fix this that typo…;-) That is right folks, Jason and I both went to North...
  • Software Test Engineering @ Microsoft

    Visiting Speakers on Microsoft campus

    Time for a foray into a “hidden“ perk of working at Microsoft. One of my favorite perks of the college-style atmosphere that we have here on the Redmond campus is a fairly wide array of interesting lecturers. Not only do we have our own people...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Gmail: Gee, the penny drops...

    It's taken a while, but the penny has finally dropped 'en mass' regarding the intended data usage around Gmail, going from a handful of media articles highlighting privacy concerns on days 2 and 3, to at least the 255 listed on Google News at the time...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    iTunes Music Recommendations

    The University of Illinois is working on a music rating project . You download an application that uploads your current iTunes library, and, some time later, it gives you a list of recommended songs. There's plenty of info there, so I encourage you to...
  • Pascal Belaud [MSFT]

    Very first post

    Welcome to my blog! My name is Pascal Belaud and I'm a Developer Evangelist working at Microsoft France. I'm also the author of a SQL Server based code generator code-named: OlyMars
  • Chris Johnson

    Simon James Design

    A while back i blogged about my Sunday Sofa that i got from Simon James Design. I ended up getting frustrated with their old site ... and since i knew Simon i suggested a new site was needed. I helped them out getting their new site up ... and it has...
  • Kavitak's WebLog

    March Sample Madness Month

    A mail came out in early March called the “March Sample Madness“, which asked for volunteers to help out with testing and writing new samples for Whidbey. Kind of exciting huh? It was nice to see the product teams open up and ask for help...
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    The real advantage of binary XML

    I’ve attended several session about WS-* specs in the past. One of the biggest problems is XML’s human readability. Instead of explaining the concepts many presenters just deal with the underlying XML representation. As a result, the session...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    English Breakfast

    My favorite drink is English Breakfast tea. Filtered water. Brewed exactly 3 minutes. 2 lumps. A little milk. I amused myself by creating a mug .
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    What Refactorings are in Whdibey?

    If you didn't go to the last PDC or VSLive, and you're not an MSDN subscriber, you probably don't have access to any previews of Whidbey. (Hmm, what about Kazaa?). The big question on your mind, I’m sure, is “What refactorings actually...
  • Kavitak's WebLog

    After a long time

    Trying to revive my blog after a long time. Sorry about that. I have been thinking of what to write while Indigo is still in-house. I guess I am not as bold as Don to post code snippets just yet :) Anyway, we had an app day, the same thing Don describes...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    Gmail: What were they thinking?

    I've been thinking about this quite a bit. Google's proposed gmail will 'read' your email and based on words/subjects/etc that it finds it will target ads at you whenever you go to the site to read your mail. It will store up to one gigabyte of email...
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