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  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Return from the Far East*

    The weekend was spent in rural Pennsylvania , celebrating the wedding of a dear old friend from college. Sunday was to be brunch + visit Kentuck Knob + drive to airport + go home. We left the hotel late, got hung up waiting for the slowest sandwich we...
  • Hunting Evil Death Bees!

    Doing SOA without Web Services? Part II.

    In my last post I indicated my skepticism about claims of doing SOA with older object-based distributed technologies such as DCOM, CORBA, RMI, etc. Based on some comments that post generated, I'd like to clarify my thoughts a bit. The feedback basically...
  • The Old New Thing

    Myth: PAE increases the virtual address space beyond 4GB

    This is another non sequitur. PAE increases the amount of physical memory that can be addressed by the processor, but that is unrelated to virtual address space. (Remember that PAE stands for Physical Address Extensions .) PAE increases the physical...
  • The Old New Thing

    Why all these articles about PAE and /3GB?

    Apparently there is some unrest in comment-land with people who are sick of this whole /3GB series . Why have I been spending over two weeks exploring the consequences of the /3GB switch and exploding various common myths about it? Because...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    Olympic Bliss

    I have figured out the best way to get my olympics fill for the day. I go to the gym with some friends and we turn on a different channel on each TV each of which is showing some olympic sport. NBC, MSNBC, Bravo and even CBC (god bless you kooky canadians...
  • aWorkBlogByGus

    Wanna join the C# team?

    We've got a few positions open on the Visual C# QA team and we're looking far and wide to find the right folks to fill them. If you're interested and feel you have the passion and skills we're looking for then I really hope we'll be hearing from you soon...
  • John Lawrence (MSFT)

    Bill Zentmayer is blogging

    I just spotted that Bill Zentmayer has a blog . Bill and I worked together with one of the SpeechServer 2004 early adopters last year. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does in his new role as an architect/evangelist - hopefully for Team System, amongst...
  • Visual Studio Data

    VFP and XP SP2 (by John Koziol)

    Some of y'all may recall I posted here months ago regarding the upcoming Windows XP SP2 and VFP. After extensive testing, we found only one small issue and that only pertained to 64-bit machines and an NX switch (dig around here - you'll see the post...
  • The Galactic Patrol

    Cool GUI for editing parameters in visual studio - vote for it!

    Mitch Denny proposes a very cool idea for popping up in-place GUI when you need to edit a formatted string or other parameter in source code . He has posted his idea up on the Ladybug site ; I’ve voted for it, and you should too!
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    My favorite UI screenshot

    In response to a post from Mike Hall about funny/sad/crazy UI messages ( see his original post here ), I want to submit a screenshot I took back in my early days working on Visual Studio setup. Back in the day, the product was not yet .NET'ized and it...
  • David Waddleton's Geek Speak

    August – September 2004 Events Handout

    MSDN Events Ready Reference August – September 2004 Events InfoPath ™ Solutions with SP1 and VS .NET InfoPath 2003 Home Page (where you can download SP1 and the InfoPath Toolkit) InfoPath 2003 Training (16 walkthroughs...
  • load of tosh

    Discovered XFN

    I find XFN (XHTML Friends Network) via Tantek . What it is... XFN outlines the relationships between individuals by defining a small set of values that describe personal relationships. In HTML and XHTML documents, these are given as values for the rel...
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