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  • Roberdan

    Roberdan sulle Iene!

    • 2 Comments Mai Dire Iene, Domenica 21 Novembre 2004 - Il virus di Bill Gates (vedi )
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Yesterday's InfoPath WebCast: Creating Custom Controls for InfoPath SP-1

    Hello everyone, I want to personally thank those of you who attended yesterday’s WebCast: Creating Custom Controls for InfoPath SP-1 which was presented by Andrew Ma. I hope you enjoyed the talk as much as I did and were able to learn something new. Also...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    如果你 未曾受挫 未曾疯狂 不喜欢小孩 也不喜欢动物 不喜欢越野车 也未曾因一段音乐而感动 已经有一个月未曾想起父母 没有尝试过给自己或别人做美食 那么 也请忘了我们 -- 菲林格尔 狗尾一句,也请忘了这个站点
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    I'm giving up Tivo (kinda)

    I've been a happy Tivo user since 1999 when my wife and I got one of the original models. We later upgraded the hard drive, and then switched to DirecTV and got a second Tivo - one of the 2 tuner DirecTivos. I don't know how we ever lived without them...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Web Messenger is very cool!

    MSN Web Messenger is now online at (okay, it's been online for a while, I'm a little behind). They did an amazing job on it, the UI is much like the rich client. It's very handy if you are on someone else's computer or can...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Automating iTunes .NET is now easier!

    Back in May, I posted about Automating/scripting iTunes on Windows . I noted how it would be easier if IITTrackCollection implemented IEnumerator so you could use foreach. Well, Apple listened, and in iTunes 4.7, it does! Now, you can just write: using...
  • One Louder

    Is .jobs the staffing domain of the future?

    Gerry Crispin has been talking about this for a little while...glad he posted it to his blog. There's a movement underway to create a .jobs (that's "dot jobs") web domain for corporate career sites. Aside from the implications for candidates (so much...
  • Maarten Mullender's WebLog


    For a long time now, I have been thinking about exposing the functionality of services. I called that the “ what of services ". The WSDL and the complete WS* stack to me are the " how of services ", how to encode the message, how to encode the payload...
  • The Far Corner of the EEC

    CSS: Zen Garden - The Beauty of CSS Design

    The CSS Zen Garden has been around for quite some time, but it continues to be one of my favorites. I've recently been tasked in helping come up with a new web site that our team will be running and the Zen Garden has once again come to my rescue in explaining...
  • One Louder

    Resumes without addresses and why this is a problem

    Lately, I've been noticing that more people are omitting their address or other contact info from their resume (OK, grammar police...take it easy). I think that because we live in a world where much of the job search process is done on line, many people...
  • The Far Corner of the EEC

    The far corner of the EEC

    Greetings from the Enterprise Engineering Center. I do in fact have my office in one of the corners of the EEC. It's nice and quiet here which allows me to edit video a bit easier. A bit about me... I've been with Microsoft since July of 1995, starting...
  • load of tosh "Publisher: 'Blog' No. 1 word of the year"

    "Publisher: 'Blog' No. 1 word of the year" No kidding. The word has entered mainstream consciousness like never before. No doubt Howard Dean was the impetus. People have been waiting for weblogging to reach a critical mass and perhaps after this election...
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