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  • Another Microsoft Blogger

    Microsoft grounds "Discovery" Suite

    We announced last week that the project to combine our e-business products into a single suite has been stopped for the time being. This article in CRN states we made the decision in response to customer input who were not so interested in buying a software...
  • Entourage Weblog

    Mr. Mail2Entourage 0.9.4

    Balooba Software's Mr Mail2Entourage helps convert mailboxes to Entourage has been updated to increase the speed of mail migration and provide several useful interface tweaks. [ Download ]
  • Chris Garty's Weblog

    Scott Guthrie explains the Whidbey release timing

    After seeing a post about the timing of the Whidbey release on Benjamin's blog , I emailed Scott Guthrie to get some questions answered directly. Just like at the PDC, he was really responsive to direct questions and was nice enough to let me post his...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Join the Microsoft CRM Readiness Program for ISVs and Developers

    Just heard about the following program - sounds good and we can all use a free tshirt and cap, can't we? Join the Microsoft CRM Readiness Program for ISVs and Developers Gain insight into the huge Customer Relationship Management (CRM)...
  • Stan Lippman's BLog

    C++/CLI revision of the Managed Extension Reference Array Syntax

    The declaration of a managed array object in the original language design was a slightly non-intuitive extension of the standard array declaration in which a __gc keyword was placed between the name of the array object and its possibly comma-filled dimension...
  • BenCon's WebLog

    F1R57 P057!!!!!

    So I finally got around to making a blog. One of my friends tells me that this is a big responsibility, because apparently people do not like it when the blog is not updated often enough. I will endeavor for that not to be the case with me. So what...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    VS Settings and Early Testing (Mindless Linkage Ahead)

    If you like C# and you have opinions on default Visual Studio settings you should check out this post . Another testing article I’d like to write is about effective early testing. At Microsoft we use a BVT process that has been nicely explained...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    My word, but the hackers are getting clever...

    News from NetCraft: Visual spoofing, as outlined by Don Park , uses javascript links to launch a new browser window without scrollbars, menubars...
  • The Scripting Guys' First Blog

    The Scripting Guys Get Their Kix (and Python and Rexx)

    Posted by Greg Stemp . One of the more interesting aspects about working at Microsoft is the fact that many people assume that if you work do here then you must be evil. You might think that that’s a terrible thing, and, on the whole, it probably...
  • The Old New Thing

    The arms race between programs and users

    There is a constant struggle between people who write programs and the people who actually use them. For example, you often see questions like, "How do I make my program so the user can't kill it?" Now, imagine if there were a way to do this. Ask...
  • The Old New Thing

    So what's to do in Sweden?

    Here is where Raymond gets to abuse his power as a blogger to get some free travel advice. I will likely travel to Sweden in mid-March, with a whopping total of five months of Swedish under my belt. I'm sure I will embarrass myself horribly...
  • Hoop Somuah

    Theory of Relativity

    A few Weeks ago my roomate Nick and I had a minor disagreement over the fact that I recently purchased Jim Miller's new book (The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard) which I was reading in my spare time. This disagreement gained notoriety through a weblog post he made. Since then an e-mail thread on the subject produced this diagram and the following explanation of it....
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