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  • To the tune of James

    Solaris/Java and Windows Interoperability webcasts

    I wanted to bring your attention to the webcasts we'll be broadcasting on Solaris/Java/Windows/.NET interop over at this site. If you often find yourself in multiples of those realms, you won't want to miss this month long series of webcasts. Registration...
  • Michael Stuart's Weblog

    Stupid people on XBox Live

    DUDE! What is up with the troglodyte faction playing Halo 2 some nights? Recently me and three of my friends were verbally assaulted by two separate groups. One group kept referring to us as "n******" (rude slang for African-American). I was flattered...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Refactoring the Managed StrongName Project

    Looking over the Managed StrongName code for today's post, I've become dissatisfied with several things in the current code base, and I think that a bit of refactoring is in store for this project before its next addition. One of the major things is the...

    Greater PA Code Camp

    My friend Stan Spots is setting up a code camp in greater PA scheduled for April 15th - 16th. Take a look at
  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    More Avalon 3D Samples

    Check out for some more Avalon 3D samples. Robert Hogue is an amazing developer and these are definitely worth checking out.
  • Brad Abrams

    Some fun on GC.Collect()

    Rico is having some fun with GC.Collect() on his blog… I love reading the comments there.
  • Joe Davies

    Updates to white papers and articles for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1

    The following white papers and articles have been updated for changes and new features provided in the upcoming Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) (now in Beta testing): 1. Windows Server 2003 SP1 updates the Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policies...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Don Box - Sound Test.

    ok, here it is, the Don Box sound test over on MSDN Channel 9 – we were recording a session on giving a great demo and I wanted to make sure the sound was ok before recording the interview, I’m not sure Don wanted me to keep this snippet,...
  • Mark Schmidt's Abode

    Creating Multiple Input Maps for BizTalk Server 2004

    When you create a new map in BizTalk Server 2004 through the Add New Item menu in Visual Studio .NET 2003, you are presented with a 3 pane window. On the left side is a link that says "Open Source Schema". Clicking on this link will open the Select Artifact...
  • Joe Davies

    Updates to Network Access Protection white papers published

    Two white papers available from the Network Access Protection Web site have been updated to reflect the new plans to include Network Access Protection technologies in Windows Server "Longhorn," the next version of the Windows Server operating system and...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Extracting Public Key Blobs

    (Updated 12/3/04 for code refactoring ) Before letting another two months pass, its time to once again update the managed sn.exe port . Today's update adds three modes, each of which allow extraction of a public key blob from various sources: Flag Description...
  • Joe Davies

    New FAQ for wireless LAN support in Windows published

    A new Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless LAN Support in Windows article has been published that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about 802.11-based wireless LAN support in various versions of Microsoft Windows. Question sections...
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