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  • David Hill's WebLog

    Oh, the things you do when you’re young…

    I just changed the tag line for my blog to a quote from Nicholas Negroponte’s book “Being Digital” . I think it succinctly conveys the fact that, whether we geeks like it or not, computing is becoming ever more pervasive. I’m not...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    CMS Sample Site for C#

    The WoodGrove sample application (C#) for MSCMS has been updated and re-released on . The functionality is still the same, but there are bug fixes and the install is updated for MSCMS SP1A. Instead of digging out your old media for the original...
  • Brad Wilson's new blog

    Why I like Outlook 2003 RPC/HTTP feature

    Even though this is a difficult technology to setup it is worth it. Imagine being able to access your corporate mailbox from anywhere you have Internet access from. It's true and it's not as hard as you may have heard.
  • hari's WebLog

    Does size matter...

    So we've been having some interesting hallway conversations ( someone should do a study on how hallway meetings are such a great alternative to doing real work ), and one of the things that came up was would it be OK if the Longhorn SDK came as one blob...
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    I can hear the Tuvan throat birds sing

    I can feel a long blog post coming on....this one has a lot of interconnected parts. Last night my pals Ari and Laura took me to see Huun Huur Tu, which is a group of 4 Tuvan guys who play two musical instruments apiece, sometimes 3, and do that anomalous...
  • Another Microsoft Blogger

    Wolfram's NKS now 100% online for free

    I'm a big fan of Wolfram's work in "A New Kind Of Science". Of course, I don't pretend to understand anything he's saying, but I do love the pretty pictures... Anyways... he's released the entire contents of the book online . Not only is the book up there...
  • Stephen Cohen's thoughts on Enterprise Architecture

    Enterprise Architecture - top down and bottom up

    Generally the success of an individual project has been determined by how well its requirements were met. However the larger enterprise is better served if great care was taken to determine what will be "best" for the enterprise and how the individual...
  • Stephen Cohen's thoughts on Enterprise Architecture

    Enterpise Architecture and cross project intergration

    In an enterprise where architecture defines more than standards but creates governance so that many projects work together over time, cross project integration is much more a mandate than a target of opportunity. Consider the need for a cohesive identity...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Carbon vs. Cocoa

    Yesterday I posted a link to Todd Bishop’s More on Mac BU. Among the comments to Todd’s article is a question I’ve seen and heard before: When is Microsoft going to port Office to Cocoa? The question, the frequency with which it gets asked in various venues and the common tone that suggests Carbon is a second-class citizen to Cocoa’s aristocratic blood-lines, all suggest that there’s still a great deal of misunderstanding out there regarding these two technologies. ......
  • Stephen Cohen's thoughts on Enterprise Architecture

    Shredding Requirements

    I spent most of yesterday going through 60+ verbose PowerPoint slides and 45 pages of detailed requirements. You see I have a customer who has run into several issues rooted in their initial design considerations. They are a CMM level 3 organization with...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Where'd it go? (was ASP.NET Resource Kit)

    A few people noticed an interesting download appear (and now disappear) from the MSDN downloads center. We crave your patience. It will return soon, we just need to get some pages up first. I'll let you know once it's back and available. In the meantime...
  • Code/Tea/Etc...

    New installment in Scott Mitchell's series on Data Structures

    Part 3: Binary Trees and BSTs This article, the third in a six-part series on data structures in the .NET Framework, looks at a common data structure that is not included in the .NET Framework Base Class Library: binary trees. Whereas arrays arrange...
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