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  • Tim Sneath

    The Global Rich List

    It's Sunday - a good day for reflection. This site might be a good place to start...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    10 years with the bux

    Todd Bishop (the guy over at the Seattle PI who watches the company ) blogs about a new Forbes article series / graphic showing Bill's worth over the last 10 years, juxtaposed with public and private events in his life. TTFN - Kent
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Not quite a solution to RPC worms/viruses/whatnot

    I hear that there has been some 'issue' with the RPC service lately. OK, that's a bad joke, and I apologize for it, despite the fact I didn't write it. Either way, one of the nasty side effects of said beastie is your computer randomly rebooting. This...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Spam, spam, spam

    Scott Mitchell writes about his spam blocker. I'm intrigued (and will likely try it out -- Scott's a bright guy). Like Scott, I've never been afraid of posting my e-mail address on the web. In fact, Random & I have had internal fights about it (on...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Random Vacation Musings

    Random Vacation Musings...
  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    PS -- some great new articles on the DevCenter

    Ok, forgot to mention this!  We put some great new content up on the ASP.NET Developer Center .  In particular is Part 2 of Mike Amundsen " Jumping Into ASP.NET " series.  A must read.. Plus a cool article on using Web Matrix and...
  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    ASP Connections

    So I'm down in Palm Springs, staying at the beautiful La Quinta resort.  Seems like no one is really around yet.  I've been working on my talk  and think i pretty much have it ready.  I'm looking forward to this conference, should...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    More testing

    Ignore me -- Updated...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Updating WordBlogX

    Where do you want to crash today?...
  • LauraJ's Weblog

    Sleeping on it

    Sometimes sleeping on it makes all the difference in the world.  In a few short days it will be in my hot little hands. I hate the arms length thing between Handspring and the service providers, though: By proceeding with purchase, you agree...
  • Brad Abrams

    Russian anyone??

    Thanks to the great folks at Addison Wesley I got a copy of Programming in the .NET Environment (I wrote the Framework chapter) translated into Russian! It was very cool to see my work getting a wider audience. They even translated the comments in...
  • Man vs Code

    RSS Bandit

    I am quite impressed with the newest version ( of RSS Bandit .   I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to organize their blogging experience.   Now, if I could only find an application that does email, blogging (both posting...
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