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  • jeff's WebLog

    windows media player 10 tech beta

    I installed the WMP10 Tech Beta on my workstation here at work. At first I was mildy annoyed by some UI bugs, but it is a beta and I have faith they will hammer those out. What really made my day though was a new play list feature. I had added a carefully...
  • I Love that New Syntax Smell

    QA Mode

    This will be the first post in a new category, “A day in the life.“ Through these posts, I hope to provide some background into what QA for the compiler team is like. Hopefully, you won't think I'm a bungling idiot. So, to get the ball rolling, I thought I might try and give a bit of perspective as to how we sometimes stumble across bugs....
  • One Louder

    I'm still here..

    Feeling a little guilty for not posting recently, especially after the disappointment I expressed over people starting and then abandoning their blogs. I have killer allergies and I am having a hard time doing anything more than work my 8 hours and sleep...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Quick Survey - What's on your Dev Box?

    Dan Mosely from the VSCore team wants to know how many of our developers are using dual processor development (not production) machines. Please respond in the comments: Q1: Are you using a dual processor developer machine today? (Yes/No) Q2: Do...
  • Yves Dolce

    Active Template Library (ATL) 7.0 and Attributes

    It's an old WebCast but you might still be interested if you take into account that there are not that many books on the topic:
  • William Wong Weblog


    Esta es la primera vez que tengo un Blog...Mi nombre es William Wong, trabajo en Microsoft Costa Rica desde hace 6 años como Senior Technology Specialist. Mi interés de iniciar este blog es compartir información sobre tecnología...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Lawyers blog too... And they read my blog...

    Well, at least the posts that are scobelized . :-) I was hoping that some 3rd party lawyers might actually chime in once I posted my opinions . As far as I know Kevin @ is the first. Check out this post . He also suggests adding some...
  • Yves Dolce

    Secure CRT code sample

    When built in debug mode with the Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview May 2004 , the following source code: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> // _invalid_parameter_handler, _set_invalid_parameter_handler #include...
  • Johnwe's System Center Blog

    Announcing 17 New SharePoint White Papers

    Thanks to Adam Rosenblatt for getting these released. The following Resource Kit Chapters are now available on TechNet at SharePoint Portal Server Architecture (Chapter...
  • Test Guide

    Hallmarks of a Great Tester

    If you ask me, I'll tell you a great tester Is devious A great tester has a streak of deviousness. Anyone can follow the lists of test cases that abundantly fill most books on testing. A great tester can move beyond these lists and dream up an endless...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    MS-Studios - Picture Frames everywhere...

    I recorded a ton of content for Windows CE 5.0 at MS-Studios yesterday - while grabbing a quick bite of lunch I noticed an electronic picture frame in the same room - so decided to take a look... On closer inspection it turns out this was a shuttle...
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    First post!

    Welcome to my Microsoft blog. My name is John Evdemon - I am a member of the Industry Solutions Architecture (ISA) Team which is a part of the Developer Platform and Evangelism group (DP&E for short). Prior to joining Microsoft I was a CTO for a successful...
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