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  • Saurabh's Blog

    Saving searches in VS CTP release

    If you have played with Help in CTP, you would have noticed that there Help Favorites has a node called “Searches ”. However, it is not discoverable how to store a search. At least, Kevin was not able to find it .You can save a search by ...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    Watching one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing

    Neil (begin lisp (an awesome MS intern (who always gets to work on amazing projects (lucky bastard)))) has been letting me watch his season 2 DVDs of The West Wing. My favorite episode 'Noel' is on right now. It's an amazing episode and i've loved it...
  • Rob Caron


    The Team System blog roll continues to grow. Now arriving: Jason Anderson . Jason is one of the Program Managers on Visual Studio Team Test Edition . He's probably heard it before, but Jason reminds me of Kevin Smith .
  • Rob Caron

    Kevin Kelly on Work Item Types

    Kevin Kelly blogs about the need to differentiate work item types , which you can do using Visual Studio Team System's extensible work item tracking system. The most common work item type is the bug, but you can use the same system to track assigned work...
  • Jason Anderson's WebLog


    I’m Jason Anderson, a Microsoft Program Manager on the Enterprise Development and Test (EDT) team; if you don’t know our team… you may recognize our product Visual Studio 2005 Team System . EDT will ship a wide range of tools including...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    Best behavior when you can't perform an action the user specified.

    Another interesting issue came up today with a C# IDE feature. It involved the following piece of code: interface IFoo<T> { void Bar<U>(U u) where U : T } class MyFoo : IFoo<int> { } We have a feature called "implement...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    What are the goals of refactorings?

    An interesting issue came up today that many people on the C# team had a passionate discussion about. It was about the following code: class C<T> { void M(T t) { t.ToString(); Console.WriteLine(t.ToString()); } } Where the user...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Welcome to the world of blogging, Oji

    Oji Udezue just started a blog . He's a program manager on my team, working on the people and groups platform. He's got a great focus on the needs of external developers, so I'm expecting a lot from his blog!
  • James Newkirk's Blog

    I can't type - Code Snippets in Visual Studio 2005 to the rescue

    Visual Studio 2005 has a feature that will help me and hopefully you a great deal. See, I do not know how to touch type. However, many people who have seen me type think I am one of the fastest two finger typists around. This is probably not something...
  • KKelly's Weblog

    Not all work items are created equally

    I’ve been managing the flow of work items on various Visual Studio teams at Microsoft over the last several years. One perennial challenge is separating and analyzing trends of real, code churning work items (bugs, defects, design changes, etc....
  • brianmoore's WebLog

    To uninstall, format c: (aka flatten & rebuild)

    When setting up 3-tier applications, or rather uninstalling them - is format c: (aka flatten & rebuild) a viable option? On a workstation/client you'd never do this… does it make any more sense in the data center? Given we want these machines...
  • Oji's Redmond Hut

    First Post

    The eternal darkness of the stressed mind: Ok this is my first blog post, but don’t expect me to be nice……No sirreeee! I should have done this eons ago! Ages! And I still have to get all the other non-blog voices on my team to get...
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