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  • Windows Embedded Blog

    It's Guy Fawkes night! [November 5th]

    In 1605, Guy Fawkes and a group of conspirators attempted to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament - Guy, who was in the cellar of the Parliament with the 36 barrels of [wet] gunpowder and a large box of matches was caught " red handed " in the early hours...
  • Blog Informativo de dicas do Microsoft Exchange

    Considerações ao atualizar para o Exchange Server 2003

    Sumário Este artigo explica considerações que se aplicam ao atualizar para o Exchange 2003. Ao planejar uma atualização para o Exchange 2003 a partir do Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 ou do Exchange 2000 Server, existem muitos fatores que precisam ser...
  • MSDN Ireland News

    First Blog (& a Movie Invite for Irish Developers)

    Hi there, About time I got this blog up and running... :) I will be using it to add reminders of MSDN Ireland's events and activities. Next up on our list of events for this year is the MSDN screening of Stanley Kubrick's cold war classic "Dr.Strangelove...
  • FreiK's WebLog

    First Post - all things x64

    Welcome to my stinkin' blog. I just wanted a place to dump interesting & useful blobs of information about what I've been doing for the past 4 or 5 years of my life @ work: x64. My name is Kevin Frei, and I've been a developer on the x64 (aka AMD64...
  • Jochen Seemann's Blog

    You want to use a visual Domain-Specific Language in Visual Studio?

    My colleague Stuart Kent summarized in his blog , what we have been working on: A wizard that creates a solution in VS which when built installs a graphical designer as a first class tool hosted in VS. The designer can be customized to the Domain Specific...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Fifth video's up

    The fifth (and last) video's up here , if you've been reading my blog, it's not new, but :) Sorry about no real content, work's been pretty busy this week.
  • Jochen Seemann's Blog

    Building graphical editors ten years ago ...

    At OOPSLA, we presented our technology to build graphical designers for visual domain-specific languages. This makes a very important step towards the vision of "Software Factories" as outlined by Jack Greenfield and Keith Short in their recent book ...
  • Jochen Seemann's Blog


    I am a program manager in the Visual Studio Team System group. Specifically, I’m responsible for a framework that is used to build graphical designers in Visual Studio. My team includes team members in Redmond, WA and Cambridge, UK. I’ve been working...
  • Being Scott Densmore


    This morning I read a post about the .NET design guidelines and I am upset about the last line of this guideline. We are now going to have people choosing generics over polymorphism to solve a problem. If I expect an ISession for the paramter of my method...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Look who's blogging - The Recruitment Team at Microsoft Australia

    I had a lunchtime meeting with a member of the recruitment team here at Microsoft. She had been asking me how to get started, so we went through the process and in no time at all, their blog was online . Now, we don't just have Zoë and Gretchen...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Mobility Road Show

    Well the Mobility Road Show is starting to wind down. There are a few remaining cities so be sure to check them out! In case you haven’t seen it, make sure you plan on getting into the Will Code for Device contest. I wanted to update the current presentations...
  • Santomania

    BlogWave wish list

    Everyone's top request for the next version of BlogWave is support for authenticating proxies such as ISA Server. Rest assured that the next version *will* address this. Is there any interest in supporting enclosures? If so, please drop me a msg with...
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