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  • Test Guide

    Baby Steps

    Stuart responded to my post "Show Me" saying that, basically, he's in the same boat as (based on my personal experiences) most people producing software: what I call programming by accident. Specs are few and far between. He does actually have a tester...
  • Adarsh's blog

    Books on .Net Frameworks Network Programming

    Following are the some .Net frameworks programming books, where I worked with author on reviewing the manuscript before publication. Network Programming for the Microsoft .NET Framework ISBN: 073561959X by Jim Ohlund , Lance Olson , Anthony Jones This...
  • Roberdan

    RSA & SharePoint

    RSA Security Provides Identity and Access Management to Microsoft SharePoint (R) Products and Technologies RSA ClearTrust(R) web access management solution to provide enhanced security and improved online experience to Microsoft SharePoint (R) Products...
  • Dare Obasanjo's WebLog

    The MSDN Camp vs. The Raymond Chen Camp

    A few months ago in Joel Spolsky's How Microsoft Lost the API War he wrote There are two opposing forces inside Microsoft, which I will refer to, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as The Raymond Chen Camp and The MSDN Magazine Camp. ... The Raymond Chen Camp...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    The Dog Days of Summer

    Its been difficult to find those few private moments where I can pull out the laptop and commence coding. I've been feeling the itch too often. I need to compile. Yet the weather has not complied with my wishes. The rain still pours down from above, ideal...
  • Roberdan

    SharePoint partners:

    CorasWorks is a leading worldwide provider of modular software components (web parts) and solutions for Microsoft® SharePoint™. Using CorasWorks software, organizations can quickly and easily create collaborative business applications on the SharePoint...
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Recycling: The problem with auto-translation

    Benefits of auto-translation When we start localizing a new version of Windows, we obviously don't start from scratch. Instead, we try to recycle as much as we can from previous versions and other projects. There are several benefits of recycling - You...
  • Somasegar's blog

    .NET migration

    I was fascinated to read some of the comments in response to my recent blog entry titled VB – yesterday, today and tomorrow . It is very exciting to see that Visual Basic .NET has such passionate supporters and that an equal number of people feel the...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    Heading: Tidbit on BAM

    I was sitting through a very very early review of potential next generation product features yesterday (no I can’t tell you which except they were cool) when I learned something that I didn't know which applies to the current version of the product. Let...
  • shawn's blog

    Read Discover Magazine this month

    This month's Discover magazine focuses exclusively on Einstein - his biggest achievements, his biggest errors, and the impact of his thinking. If you're a theoretical physicist, this content will probably bore you. If you're a fan of the beauty of the...
  • greggm's WebLog

    Debugging your unhandled exception filters

    Sometimes an application will decide that they would like to do something interesting with unhandled exceptions. To do this, you would use SetUnhandledExceptionFilter . Maybe you want to report the exception to some web service (example: Windows Error...
  • Roberdan

    WSRP Web Service Toolkit for SharePoint Products and Technologies

    An example ASP.NET Web service that accesses and renders the contents of SharePoint sites in a format conformant to the OASYS standard for Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP).
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