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  • The Scripting Guys' First Blog

    New Scripting Guys webcast on scripting Windows XP Service Pack 2 available on-demand

    The latest Scripting Guys' Webcast took place Friday, October 8th, and is now available from the TechNet Webcast archives in on-demand video form. It's called Scripting with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2: SOS! and you can find it at: http://msevents...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Tried and Failed to add Ratings to my Posts

    Today I tried to add some concept of post ratings to my page , but it's apparently beyond the limits I can control through the CSS overide since I can't add scripts to posts. Oh well, would have been cool. Here's hoping ratings make it into a drop we...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    Fritz Onion的ASP.NET webcasts

    不知道有多少人看过 Fritz Onion 的 Essential ASP.NET ?对于学习 ASP.NET 的人来说,这确实是一本把 ASP.NET 原理解释得非常详细的教材。 在国内现在也有这本教材: ASP.NET 基础教程 ——C# 案例版 最近发现本书作者 Fritz Onion 会举行一次 15 轮的 webcasts ,也就是每个感兴趣的人都可以参与的一个 Tech...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    David Notario, JIT guru, is blogging

    David Notario, a dev on the CLR JIT has a blog. Check out . The debugger and compiler have an intimate relationship because the debugger needs to understand the code-gen patterns from the compiler in order to meaningfully...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    More Performance Tidbits for library writers

    However careful you are with your performance culture when creating everyday professional code you need to be doubly careful when creating libraries for other developers. This is of course because when writing a library you can't know in advance exactly...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Updated Writing Secure Code Errata

    A big thanks to Niels Dekker for providing me with the feedback. Here's the diff only. Chapter 5, Page 145 There’s a small error in the ArrayIndexError code: printf("Usage is %s [index] [value]\n"); Should read: printf("Usage is %s [index] [value]\n"...
  • Matthew Huynh Blog Site

    CEICW chat

    Small Business Server 2003 Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard [October 26, 2004, 2:00-3:00 PM PDT] Join Microsoft experts to discuss how the SBS 2003 Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW) can help you configure your network...
  • Inside Architecture

    Stateless is to service as commandless is to data

    Abstract: This article provides a counterpoint to Pat Helland's most recent article by describing the concept of "commandless data documents," and how they are logically used in Service Oriented Architecture. Introduction I was re-reading Pat Helland...
  • Off to the Side

    Some new articles on MSDN

    A few new articles of note went up on MSDN in the last week or two, including: Using the Edit and Continue Feature in C# 2.0 The XML Litmus Test More Avalon Data Binding Craziness If you want to get a regular update of new content on MSDN, check out the...
  • One Louder

    Congrats to John Zagula and Rich Tong

    I'm a little behind on blogging, folks. Trying to keep a lot of balls in the air here and unfortunately, the blogging ball landed at my feet sometime last week. So doing a little catching up... Last week, I attended the launch party for "the Marketing...
  • Rudi Larno's WebLog

    New Usergroup online

    Yes, a new User Group has just been launched. At the moment, dutch only, but they hope to unite all of the Belgian developers to participate in their community. They offer a wide range of features such as newsgroups, a knowledge...
  • Love that ASP.NET and SQL Server

    SQL 2005 Developer Webcasts coming...

    Help us get the word out on the Webcasts that will begin in Decmeber 2004. Everyone who attends a WebCast will receive a copy of the Beta 2 Resource Kit and the Beta 3 Resource Kit when it ships. Also, the first 1500 people that watch 5 or more WebCasts...
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