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  • Education

    Edmodo app for Windows 8 available now

    At the ISTE Conference in the US, the team from Edmodo (“the world’s largest, free K-12 social learning network”) released the Windows 8 Edmodo app for teachers and students. With thousands of teachers in Australian schools using Edmodo, it means that...
  • Japan Dynamics CRM Team Blog

    Dynamics CRM 2014 年春/SP1 サーバー側同期 Exchange Online との予定、タスク、取引先担当者連携

    みなさん、こんにちは。 前回は、サーバー側同期機能を利用した Exchange Online との電子メール 連携を紹介しました。今回は、電子メール以外のサーバー同期対象である 予定、タスク、取引先担当者の連携について紹介します。 ※予定、タスク、取引先担当者の連携は、Exchange Online でのみ有効な 機能となります。 概要 同期機能によりMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online で作成した予定、タスク、 および取引先担当者 が Exchange...
  • Quick Thoughts

    REST APIs in App Studio Part 2- Changing the Source Code

    In Part 1 of this series, we used App Studio to build the shell of a project that will display data from a REST API call, specifically the Rotten Tomatoes API.  In App Studio, we were able to create a dynamic collection, select the type of layout...
  • Small Basic

    Small Basic - Random Numbers

    Random numbers can be very useful in your Small Basic games. They can be used to make the game play vary from one game to the next. The Small Basic keyword to get a random number is Math.GetRandomNumber(maxNumber) . It will return a random integer...
  • MSDN España

    Novedades de Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

    Recientemente se ha puesto a nuestra disposición el Update 3 de Visual Studio 2013 en su versión Release Candidate (RC), y ya puede ser descargado de nuestra web: Descarga Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC . A continuación te contamos...
  • 高橋 忍のブログ

    PowerPoint で作る集中線

    以前 PowerPoint で集中線を描いてみたって報告 だけしたんですが、これはその作り方。 Power Point を使って集中線を描いてみた Power Point を使ってマンガでよく出てくる集中線を描いてみました。完成品がこれ。 今回のやり方ですとどうしても中心は丸しか作れないのが悩ましいところですが線の配置で形状は変えられなくはないです。 どこからか集中線画像を探して持ってきた方が楽だと思いますが、どうやって描くかが重要ってことで、ね? ポイント Gペンによる線の太さの強弱を再現したかったので...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    The IoT team gears up for WPC 2014

    Posted By Karen Roberts
    Senior Partner Marketing Manager

    It’s finally here: Today marks the kickoff of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, WPC 2014, here in Washington, D.C. and the Internet of Things (IoT) Industry team couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for partners. After a full year of rapid growth for IoT, now is the perfect time to share our plans for continued leadership in the space, and reiterate the opportunity IoT represents for Microsoft partners.

    If you’re wondering where you can find IoT at this year’s conference,


    Comments Internet of Things

  • Ragnar Heil: SharePoint Nuggets

    SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of weeks 28

    Evolving Office 365 plans for small and midsized businesses Details about new plans here which also includes Yammer now, starting October 1st SP2013 Search & Reporting introduction to this topic by Nathan Brackett July CU for SP2010 and SP2013...
  • Tanzim Saqib

    Sheikh Abdullah Al Jubair: First Developer Intern at Microsoft Bangladesh

    As the title suggests he was the first ever Developer Intern at Microsoft Bangladesh, and the rest of the story you should read from him: If you ask a computer science student where do you want to do your intern, you may hear some common companies/places...
  • Luke Bailey

    Building a Finite Element Based Physics Engine - Continuum Mechanics

    This article is the second in a five part series on generating the realistic synthetic motion of objects through finite elements techniques, culminating in the development of a physics engine. Introduction and Background Continuum Mechanics ...
  • Writing ... or Just Practicing?

    Six Buttons and a Volume Knob


    Probably there's not many people who can remember when TVs had just six buttons and a volume knob. You simply tuned each of the buttons to one of the five available channels (which were helpfully numbered 1 to 5), hopefully in the correct order so you knew which channel you were watching, and tuned the sixth button to the output from your Betamax videocassette recorder.

  • MSDN 台灣部落格

    為什麼 ASP.NET 開發人員要瞭解 Azure 行動服務?

    原文發表於 Azure Mobile Services: why should ASP.NET developers care? Azure 行動服務 為行動應用程式開發人員提供了以雲平台為基礎的後端解決方案,現在這項服務除了可以使用 JavaScript (Node.js) 來客製化後端平台之外,也支援了使用 ASP.NET Web API 的技術來客製後端平台的運算邏輯,所以對於要開發給行動裝置應用程式 API 的 ASP.NET 開發人員來說,Azure 行動服務是相當有吸引力的...
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