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  • IEBlog

    Internet Explorer 8 and Acid2: A Milestone

    As a team, we’ve spent the last year heads down working hard on IE8. Last week, we achieved an important milestone that should interest web developers. IE8 now renders the “ Acid2 Face ” correctly in IE8 standards mode. If you’re not a web developer...
  • IEBlog

    Phishing Filter in IE7

    Hi, my name is Tariq Sharif and I am a Program Manager on the IE Security team. One of the threats users face on the web is phishing. Today, I want to tell you about the Phishing Filter in IE7, a new security feature designed to dynamically warn users...
  • The Old New Thing

    Capturing the current directory from a batch file

    The %CD% pseudo-variable does the trick....
  • Windows Installer Team Blog

    Windows Installer 3.1 Version Confusion

    A common question I have been receiving lately is about the Windows Installer 3.1 (v2) Redistributable and what version of the Windows Installer is actually the "latest". Well, let's hope that this posting clears up any confusion on the topic. :) ...
  • Shawn Burke's Blog

    Configuring Visual Studio to Debug .NET Framework Source Code

    It's finally here - the launch of the .NET Reference Source project. This post (hopefully!) contains everything you need to know. Over the past few weeks, we ran a pilot of this feature and collected lots of great data that helped us work through some...
  • Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog

    How to install/enable .Net 3.5 SP1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2

    The .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (also referred to as .NET Framework 3.5.1) is a prerequisite for SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2008 Setup for standalone instance will install the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 if it is not already installed. In Windows Server 2008 R2...
  • IEBlog

    Revised IE7 Naming in Windows Vista

    I had mentioned a while back that we planned to call the version of IE7 in Windows Vista “Internet Explorer 7+”. Well, the feedback we got on the blog was overwhelming – many of you didn’t like it. So, as we’ve said on our website , we heard you. I’m...
  • IEBlog

    Reset Internet Explorer Settings

    Hello, we are Durga and Bala, from the IE IDC team. We would like to describe to you, a new feature in Internet Explorer 7 and 7+, Reset Internet Explorer Settings. We have heard from users on their need to recover Internet Explorer to a workable state...
  • IEBlog

    Internet Explorer 8

    Just as he was the first to talk about IE7 , Bill Gates kept the tradition alive and discussed IE8 at the Mix ‘n Mash event here on campus yesterday. Bill was talking to some bloggers about IE.Next and called it IE8, the same way we do here in the IE...
  • IEBlog

    Call to action: The demise of CSS hacks and broken pages

    We’re starting to see the first round of sites and pages breaking due to the CSS fixes we have made. We would like to ask your help in cleaning up existing CSS hacks in your pages for IE7. It is has been our policy since IE6 that under quirks doctype...
  • Stéphanie Hertrich

    TechDays 2011 : Les Webcasts sont là !

    On les attendait avec impatience… les voici . Vous trouverez le cas échéant dans les liens ci-dessous, des ressources complémentaires (sources des démos) concernant les sessions auxquelles j’ai participé : Ce qu'il ne fallait pas rater depuis .Net 2 Best...
  • IEBlog

    Internet Explorer begins blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls

    As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a more secure browser, starting September 9th Internet Explorer will block out-of-date ActiveX controls. Note: The original post stated that the ActiveX blocking would begin on August 12th. Please refer...
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