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May, 2009

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This blog is written by Dean Johnson who is a software development engineer at Microsoft.

These postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights. This is a personal blog and the posts here represent the opinion of me and not Microsoft. All rights reserved.

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    In a couple of previous posts here and here I talked about the AvatarDescription.Description property that returns a byte[]. The AvatarDescription.Description property is provided to allow developers to recreate a previously created AvatarDescription...
  • Nerd Herder

    AvatarDescription.IsValid… When & Why the description returned is invalid?

    In previous posts I talked about how the AvatarDescription contains data to define what an avatar should look like so that the AvatarRenderer knows what assets to load in order to render the avatar. The AvatarDescription type contains a property called...
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    Lights, Camera… Avatar!

    Sometimes you may not want your avatar flawlessly lit from above. What if your game takes place at night? What if the sun in your game is green? What if you need the light to move? The Avatar APIs expose an ambient light and one directional light. The...
  • Nerd Herder

    Avatar animation updates

    Playback of one of the 31 built in animations is simple with the AvatarAnimation class. As I discussed in a previous post the BoneTransforms and Expression properties on the AvatarAnimation can be used with the AvatarRenderer.Draw method to animate an...
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    A few design changes

    I made a few layout changes to the blog today to allow for more room for the text on the site and more specifically the code samples. If the code blocks or images are too wide please comment and let me know. I went back and updated a couple of my last...
  • Nerd Herder

    What to do while an avatar loads?

    When you create a new AvatarRenderer object load all of the models and textures associated with the AvatarDescription have to be loaded. The time it takes to load goes up if you are creating a number of AvatarRenderer objects at the same time. So what...
  • Nerd Herder

    Avatar API preview for XNA Game Studio 3.1

    Since the announcement of the 3.1 features a number of people have had questions about the new Avatar API’s. I wanted to take a few minutes to preview some of Avatar API’s to help developers better understand what to expect in the 3.1 release...
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