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What to do while an avatar loads?

What to do while an avatar loads?

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When you create a new AvatarRenderer object load all of the models and textures associated with the AvatarDescription have to be loaded. The time it takes to load goes up if you are creating a number of AvatarRenderer objects at the same time.

So what do developers need to do while the avatar loads?

In most cases nothing! Just call the avatar draw method as if the avatar was already loaded. By default we will draw a loading effect in place of the avatar while it loads. Once the avatar has completed loading the loading effect will fade out to reveal the avatar.

If you want to determine if the avatar has loaded fully you can use the AvatarRenderer.IsLoaded property.

If you don’t want to use the loading effect you can use the AvatarRenderer constructor overload below.

AvatarRenderer(AvatarDescription avatarDescription, bool useLoadingEffect);

So what does this loading effect look like? The loading effect is made up of a number of transparent quads that display an animating texture.


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