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  • Blog Post: Avatar animation updates

    Playback of one of the 31 built in animations is simple with the AvatarAnimation class. As I discussed in a previous post the BoneTransforms and Expression properties on the AvatarAnimation can be used with the AvatarRenderer.Draw method to animate an avatar. These two properties return the bone transforms...
  • Blog Post: What to do while an avatar loads?

    When you create a new AvatarRenderer object load all of the models and textures associated with the AvatarDescription have to be loaded. The time it takes to load goes up if you are creating a number of AvatarRenderer objects at the same time. So what do developers need to do while the avatar loads?...
  • Blog Post: Avatar API preview for XNA Game Studio 3.1

    Since the announcement of the 3.1 features a number of people have had questions about the new Avatar API’s. I wanted to take a few minutes to preview some of Avatar API’s to help developers better understand what to expect in the 3.1 release. There are three main classes that are used to...
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