A couple of readers have asked about an update to my long-running HtmlTextBlock sample for Silverlight 2 RTW. (Background reading: HtmlTextBlock Announcement for the Alpha, Improvements, Beta 1 Update, Data Binding Support, Beta 2 Update) One person went so far as to migrate it himself after emailing me! :) He said the process went well, and I spent a bit of time on the bus ride home doing the migration myself to understand what was involved.

HtmlTextBlock Demonstration

I've updated the HtmlTextBlock demonstration page and the source code download, so you can try things out in your browser and/or download the code to see how it works!


  • The only change to the Beta 2 code was to handle the fact that the type of the object returned by HtmlDocument.GetElementsByTagName is now a base class of the HtmlElement instance the code was expecting. After a simple application of the as operator, the code compiles and works like before!

That's it!

Gee, I wish everything went this smoothly... :)