Friend and fellow Charting fan Bea Stollnitz has just completed a 3-post series describing how to add annotations to pie charts created by the Data Visualization package that's part of the Silverlight Toolkit and WPF Toolkit. Because annotations are a feature that we'd love to implement ourselves (but haven't had time for yet), I'm delighted that someone in the community has taken this task on - and shared the experience for the benefit of others!

Here are direct links to Bea's posts:

  1. How can I add labels to a WPF pie chart?
  2. How can I add labels to a WPF pie chart? – Implementation details
  3. How can I port the WPF labeled pie chart to Silverlight?

My thanks go out to Bea for sharing her time and expertise here - I hope others find this as cool as I do! :)


PS - Please note that while a number of WPF-to-Silverlight incompatibilities are identified in the third post, none of them come from the Data Visualization assembly. We've specifically spent a good bit of effort to make the Silverlight and WPF code/XAML experience identical for Data Visualization; it's the success of projects like this one that are the reason and reward!

PPS - In the next release of the Data Visualization assembly (which you can preview now!), the core Charting classes will no longer be sealed and some of the inconvenience mentioned in the second post should go away.

PPPS - Here's my own take on a quick-and-easy way to add simple annotations to ColumnSeries.

PPPPS - If you're looking for more information about the Silverlight/WPF Data Visualization assembly, I've collected a bunch of links from across the web - including all of my own introductions and notes.