April, 2007

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I'm Dennis Morgan, a program manager on the MCX team. I currently own the connectivity experience and previously owned DRM playback. Prior to the MCX team I worked on home networking in Windows XP and Vista and owned Windows Firewall for XPSP2.

  • Connecting you to your media

    Vista MCE in your Car

    Via Engadget, I see that HipePC is offering a car pc that has MCE on it . Sweeeeet! I have seen some people put PCs in their cars and almost made one for mine from a spare laptop, but didn't want to deal with figuring out where to stick the PC/laptop...
  • Connecting you to your media

    New update for MCE available

    Aaron Stebner announces over on his blog the availability of an update for MCE to fix some issues, including my pet issue of being able to run 32bit ActiveX controls on 64bit MCE. Now I'll be able to use the Motherload and other Online Media apps. Excellent...
  • Connecting you to your media

    Want to beta test the next version of Media Center?

    For those who actually haven't heard, Jessica has posted over on the Green Button how to sign up to beta test the next release of Media Center. If you were a member of the Windows Vista Media Center beta program, you do not need to re-apply. To pre...
  • Connecting you to your media

    MCX and Spring '07 update for Xbox 360

    The upcoming Spring update for Xbox 360 has a lot of new cool features , including support for H.264 and MPEG-4 Part 2. So this begs the questions of whether MCX will now be able to play back videos with this format. Unfortunately the answer is no. This...
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