May, 2007

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I'm Dennis Morgan, a program manager on the MCX team. I currently own the connectivity experience and previously owned DRM playback. Prior to the MCX team I worked on home networking in Windows XP and Vista and owned Windows Firewall for XPSP2.

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    What BillG said at WinHEC about Pika, Part 2

    Here is our official statement... Pika WinHEC update The eHome team is gratified by the response we have received based on the Pika presentations, demos and status update delivered at WinHEC. After some very hard work by our team and our launch...
  • Connecting you to your media

    What BillG said at WinHEC about Pika

    So it has been theorized that BillG announced a "SoftSled" at WinHEC. That is not the case. What he said was that the functionality to remote Media Center onto an Xbox 360 will be available in other CE devices like TVs. This is the Pika project that allows...
  • Connecting you to your media

    Boot your Xbox 360 directly into Extender!

    With the Spring '07 update you can now configure your Xbox 360 to boot directly into Media Center Extender! To do this, goto System > Console Settings > Startup and select Media Center. Now if I could just get the Xbox 360 to be quiet...
  • Connecting you to your media

    MCX sessions at WinHEC

    WinHEC is just around the corner (May 15-17) and for those of you attending there will be two Media Center Extender sessions to check out: Media Center Extender Technology: Overview (CON-T411). This is an overview of how MCX works and what an OEM will...
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