WinHEC is just around the corner (May 15-17) and for those of you attending there will be two Media Center Extender sessions to check out:

Media Center Extender Technology: Overview (CON-T411). This is an overview of how MCX works and what an OEM will need to do to get MCX functionality into their devices. There will be a demo of MCX running on the Sigma 8622, showing what the MCX experience will be like on 3rd party devices.

Media Center Extender Device Design (CON-T412). This session talks about what things an OEM should consider when working on their case, remote control and local UI. These things greatly impact the overall user experience of the device.

And to kill any rumors before they start, there will not be any announcements as to what OEMs will be delivering MCX devices or when they will start shipping. Sorry.

Those interested in where MCE is headed with TV there are two sessions covering that:
Windows TV: Architecture and Directions (CLN-T354)
PCTV Tuner Technology Directions (CLN-T355)

For those of you who are not able to attend WinHEC, the slides from the sessions are typically made available a few weeks after WinHEC is finished. I'll post a link to them when they are posted.