At CES Samsung has announced that they will be incorporating Extender functionality into their TVs later this year. Having a TV with MCX built-in is the way to go for a second TV in the house, particularly if you have wireless. I (and my wife) think it's nice to only have to plug on the TV, configure wireless and set up MCX and then boom, you're done -- no extra box to connect, no wires to run.

Also announced is the HP MediaSmart Receiver x280N to with the already announced MediaSmart TVs. Engadget has a few pics of it on their site. I've played with one briefly and the case is quite nice. I wish it had a DVD player in it though so that you could reduce the number of boxes connected to the TV.

And finally, over at you can see the home of our marketing guy, Hakan (yes, we actually have someone who works on marketing of MCX!). Hakan's house is tricked out with Extenders. You can see both the DLink and Linksys MCX devices in action, as well as the Xbox 360 and a Niveus Media Center.