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  • Blog Post: more power!

    Attention TV manufacturers: only having a power button on the remote control is a bad design. While it may save you a few pennies in COGS, it's a real pain for the user when the batteries die in the remote and causes them to have to get behind the TV to yank the power cord to turn off the TV.
  • Blog Post: Comments should now be working

    Apparently I didn't configure things correctly for you to leave comments. Comments should now be working. Thanks Blake for the heads up.
  • Blog Post: Hello World

    I've been trolling around people's blogs long enough so I figured I'd give this blogging thing a whirl... I'm a PM on Media Center Extender and hope to use this blog to talk about Extender, home networking and digital media distribution. I currently own setup and connectivity for Extender and previously...
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