Very recently there's been a lot of internal talk about the 1-800-flowers dialing problem on Windows Mobile devices.  Officially called "alpha dialing", it turns out to be a tricky issue to properly implement it on a qwerty device when the numbers and letters share the same keys.  RIM has enabled this with the use of a "shift/alt" or text mode toggle key.  That's certainly one solution, and I've heard discussion of several other user experiences that would enable this, but there's no super clean interface that works in all scenarios.

Fortunately some bright forum member over on at has found quite a nice "solution" for the problem.  He just used the logo locations on the dialer screen to display some bitmaps w/ the alpha numbers displayed under the numbers (like a regular phone).  While this doesn't solve the entry mode, it makes entering alpha numbers easy again w/ out the customer having to memorize which numerical key maps up w/ which letters.

Beautiful & elegant solution to such a painful user experience.  Tonyxcom & gadget, I salute you!
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