May, 2006

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    Open as Notebook in OneNote


    One of the most fun features that we have in this release is this shell extension we setup for folders.  See the screen shot:


    Just right-click on a folder and choose "Open as Notebook in OneNote" and it opens OneNote.

    I really like it for when I am opening and closing a bunch of notebooks at once.  Not something you use all of the time but when you want to quickly open a notebook check it out.

    Updated for OneNote 2010 here:

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    I am official!


    I just read this on Chris' blog:

    A new OneNote blogger! I'd like to introduce Dan Escapa, one of our most energetic Program Managers who has just started blogging - well he blogged before but but this is his first blog for work-related stuff. We call Dan the "make it happen" guy (when we're not calling him the "intern who never went home" - inside joke). Welcome to the blogosphere Dan!

    Thank you much Chris.  Also if you haven't read Chris' blog I highly recommend it.

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    Submitting Watson Crash inforamtion


    Have you ever seen a crash dialog while using a beta product (and maybe even some released products)?  It looks something like this:

    (I actually had to go back to an old build to find this dialog).

    However when you see this in Beta2 please make sure to click on the "Send Error Report" button because this will send inforamtion to us, and on the next prompt click on "Continue" to send the data to us.  We go through those reports to see what is casuing major problems in the product.

    If you submit a bug on the Connect site regarding a crash please make sure to include your Watson bucket number.  What is a Watson bucket number?  Well when you click on that "Send Error Report" it will actually talk to a server about your problem and then determine if we need more inforamtion and then you get a number back to say what your problem was, that is the number we need when you submit you bugs.

    How to find your Watson bucket number:

    1. Start-->Run, type "eventvwr" and hit enter
    2. Click on the Application section
    3. Now look for a pair of items for an Error and Information and the Source will be "Microsoft Office 12"
    4. Double-click/open the Information item
    5. In the Description it will start with Bucket XXXX, where XXXX is your number.

    There you are, just use that bug when you submit the problem to us via the OneNote Connect site.

    For more infomration about Watson please see here: Watson by Chris Pratley

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    Submitting OneNote 2007 Beta2 Bugs


    We here on the OneNote team value your customer feedback and we strive to collect as much as possible.  I cannot tell you how important it is for us to hear your voice about what problems you are having and what you would like improved/fixed.  Now more than ever is your chance to give us this feedback for OneNote 2007 Beta2 which was just released today. 

    We have created a Microsoft Connect website to help you all submit bugs and feedback.  (NOTE: if you were in the Office 2007 Technical Beta you do not need to use this, continue to use the same bug submission tools.)  This is in addition to the OneNote public newsgroup, the advantage to the Microsoft Connect site is that it connects your bug directly into our bug tracking system.  Additionally you can upload files so we can see your feedback and problems.

    Here are directions to getting to the Microsoft Connect site:

    1. Click on "Available Programs"
    2. Sign-in with your Passport / Windows Live account
    3. Look for "OneNote 2007 Beta2". Click "Apply"
    4. Read through and agree to the Terms of Use and click "I Agree"
    5. Please go through and quickly fill out some information on the Registration page.  This information is valuable to us so that we can get back to regarding the bugs that you submit and click "Register".
    6. Now you will be on the landing page for the OneNote 2003 & OneNote 2007 Beta2 site.
    7. On the right hand side look for "Feedback"
    8. Then on the top of the page you will see a Submit Feedback link, click it.
    9. Now you can log whichever bugs that you want for OneNote 2007 Beta2, make sure to select OneNote 2007 as the version.
    10. In the future please use to get to the OneNote site


    In the future once the Microsoft Connect v2 comes out we will have a way for you to register for the same OneNote site and the "OneNote 2007 Beta2" program and then submit bugs through there.  The feedback page will prompt you for which program you submitting bugs, but in the meantime this will work for you.  Check back for any updates!


    More information about Microsoft Connect:

    Diary of a Feedback Madman

    Microsoft Connect Feedback Blog

    (Update: to submit setup or migration bugs please go here for directions: Submitting bugs about migration or setup.  2006-05-24 @ 17:45 PT)

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    Favourite feature #2: Save As for images and Win-S screen clippings


    Another new feature in OneNote 2007 that I wanted to point out is the ability to save an image directly from OneNote.  No more needing to copy the image and paste it into MS Paint/image app and then save the file.  No, now you can save directly from OneNote, check it out:

    Just right-click on the image and choose to Save As, just as easy as that.  I use this all of the time.

    Also you all should know about Win-S which is a way to create a screen clipping, just hit Win-S, select what you want and then save from OneNote, saves me so much time on a daily basis.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

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    Tell us what you think, send us a smile/frown


    I just saw Jensen Harris' post about the Office Send a Smile tool.  Pretty much you can install this program that lets you send feedback (screenshot & comments) directly to the product team.

    Install the Send a Smile tool and start sending us your feedback!


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    The Interrobang


    I love our Typography group.  They have some really cool fonts and the newest feature added to the ClearType fonts is the interobang, see here for more details:

          Interrobang?! — Interrobang!?

    Just so cool...check it out!

    (Thanks Justin for the link)

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    Want to learn more about Office/OneNote 2007?


    Want to learn more about OneNote 2007?  Office 2007?  Check out these free learning sites:

    Office 2007 Learning Portal

    Which includes:

    Check them out before they go away!

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    Submitting bugs about migration or setup


    When you install and upgrade with OneNote there are log files which are created to help us diagnose problems with the installation process.

    I would like to give you all directions on how to submit those files to us for analysis.

    Setup Logs (problems with Send to OneNote Print driver, etc)

    1. Start-->Run, type "%temp%" and hit enter
    2. Look for the file(s) called SetupExe(xxxxxxx).log  (where xxxx will be a date and an ID)
    3. Now do to the MS Connect site for OneNote (direction here:
    4. Submit a bug and upload this migration log file and include text explaining what problems you had.

    Migration Logs (problems with note flags upgrading, notebook migration, etc)

    1. Start-->Run, type "%temp%" and hit enter
    2. Look for the file(s) called OneNote_MigrationLog.txt
    3. Now do to the MS Connect site for OneNote (direction here:
    4. Submit a bug and upload this migration log file and include text explaining what problems you had.


    This will help us to look into your problems and fix them!

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