Open as Notebook in OneNote

Open as Notebook in OneNote

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One of the most fun features that we have in this release is this shell extension we setup for folders.  See the screen shot:


Just right-click on a folder and choose "Open as Notebook in OneNote" and it opens OneNote.

I really like it for when I am opening and closing a bunch of notebooks at once.  Not something you use all of the time but when you want to quickly open a notebook check it out.

Updated for OneNote 2010 here:

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  • Great idea. Seems to qork ;)
  • Great Job Dan,
    I really like the new and improved OneNote and all the new features!
  • Using OneNote 2003 and 2007 (Beta 2) as a chalk board.

    Pasting strategic web links into OneNote and then Mapping using FreeMind or Mind Manager 6.

    I find it easier to see the opportunity as a map than as a group of web pages and .  .  .

    Everything is hyperlinked.

    You can also assign values and colors to the map for easy of viewing.

  • Cool, sounds like a neat setup you have!

  • Is there a way to turn off this shell extension? I really dislike programs that add to the right-click context menus without giving the user the choice to turn it off. If you install 20 programs that do this then your context menu becomes useless because it gets too big.

  • Mark - Yes you can turn this off.  Just go into the registry and remove this key:


    That is how Windows Explorer knows how to display that on right-click.  Hope this helps...take care!

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  • Daniel:

    Great registry tip! Having been through 3 different "replacements" for Vista's explorer.exe. Removal of the third left everything on my system suddenly opening as "One Note Notebooks." As much as I enjoy One Note, I didn't quite want it to open all folders and files :-)

    Thanks to your registry key hint, I was able to bring explorer.exe functionality back to retail.

    Best regards,

    -Corbin Links

  • Annoying thing about this feature: when I open a folder as a notebook in OneNote, I almost always expect a NEW WINDOW for that notebook. I like to use many OneNote windows at once, and having one of my old ones "replaced" is very annoying.


  • Here is another registery 'hack' to add an 'open' command to the shell. Just set it to the default function in the folder options and you will have the choice to open the folder the way you wish. just copy and paste the following into a notepad it to anything with the extension ".reg" and then double click it and select yes.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00










    @="[ViewFolder(\"%l\", %I, %S)]"








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