Internal OneNote Powertoy Contest winners

Internal OneNote Powertoy Contest winners

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In my last post I announced the external OneNote Powertoy Contest winners and in this post I would like to announce the internal winners that we had as well:

  1. Send RSS to OneNote by Omar Shahine
    This app will allow you to select RSS feeds and send them directly to OneNote. Omar already posted this for download here. He was great enough to get this working with OneNote 2007 and I hope to post something this week with this.
  2. OneNote Wiki by Maria Blees
    Allows you to create a Wiki more easily with OneNote.
  3. Send to OneNote by Piyush Shah
    This Powertoy adds a Send to OneNote into the right-click Send To menu in Windows Explorer.
  4. Drop me a note by Jinsong Yu
    This is a pretty cool powertoy that sits on your computer and allows you to drag anything to it and then it will send that info off to OneNote.
  5. OneNote Powertoy for Small Business Accounting
    A more businesslike powertoy that allows you to have a Send to OneNote feature from Small Business Accounting.

Again same with the external winners, All of the winners received Visual Studio 2005 and a Tablet PC, and they should have gotten these LONG ago.

I will be emailing the winners to get an update on their code.

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