IIONA – Copy from anything into OneNote :: OneNote PowerToy

IIONA – Copy from anything into OneNote :: OneNote PowerToy

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I am here to announce the second OneNote PowerToy Contest winner: IIONA by Dmitry Alekseenko. Dmitry created an app that allows you to copy from any application directly into OneNote with just a quick key combination. It is pretty cool and you can download and try it out right away.

Install directions:

  1. Download IIONA.exe and run it
  2. The self extractor will extract the file where ever you want, by default it goes to your temp folder (%temp%) into an IIONA folder. Extract the files and then run setup.exe
  3. Run IIONA (StartàAll ProgramsàIIONA)

User Guide:

The first screen will look like this:

Change the settings as you want then click OK. And now you have IIONA sitting in the system notification area (the sys tray):

Now whenever you hit Ctrl-C, C it will cause IIONA to copy the selected text and put it into OneNote and you will see this in the tray:

Now you have the information in OneNote:


Nice work Dmitry! And you can contact him on Skype @ Dmitry.Alekseenko.

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