Clip to OneNote from Firefox – Easy to create your own powertoy

Clip to OneNote from Firefox – Easy to create your own powertoy

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I love this Firefox extension for OneNote, I use it all of the time and I think it is great.


A few notes:

  1. This was very simple to make what the author did was to tell Firefox to copy the selection and then he calls "onenote.exe /paste" which will paste the current clipboard into the current page but he also calls "OneNote.exe /sidenote" which launches a new side note.
  2. I love it because right when I am the middle of something I can right-click and chose to send to OneNote and it is right where my mouse cursor is.
  3. It saves me time


Why am I writing about this? Well if you use Firefox, like I do, then I would recommend that you check out this tool. On the other hand if you use Internet Explorer I recommend that you use the Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer powertoy or if you are using OneNote 2007 then we will have this right in the box when you install OneNote 2007!


Why am I blogging about this? Well first of all I wanted to show you just how easy it is to create OneNote powertoys. You can easily have your app send information to OneNote. Also if you know the author of this powertoy you might want to recommend that he/she change the max version tag in the install script so that is installs in Firefox >1.5 (currently we are @ I think the Firefox extension folks might want to have a better way of getting this to work, I have even seen the extension which allows you to open all older extensions, just seems like a vicious circle.

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  • I appreciate a Microsoft Guru giving tips on how to make firefox better.  This is excellent PR for your company.

    I, too, hope that the plugin gets updated so that I can use it (I have never used the send to ON plugins cause I don't use IE).
  • I'd love to see an update to this too.  I've been using ON2007 since the TR Beta and love it.  I can't wait for good Firefox integration with ON07!  You guys had done a great job developing it and I hope it's in the next beta refresh or something.

    At the same time, the print function works superbly.  Initially I was frustrated that it printed to the currently open page in ON, instead of to either unsorted notes, or, like the old ON2003 Outlook plug-in, to the folder of your choice.  

    As I've gotten used to it, however, I like it more.  It's fast and it prints exactly where I want it.  As you add this functionality to a Firefox plug-in I'd encourage you to give the users the same kind of flexibility.

    Great work and love the blog.
  • I generally run FireFox with the Nightly Tester Tools installed:

    Those have a little feature that allows you to make any extension compatible irrespective of the max version tag.
  • This is great! I am considering integrating math capabilities into OneNote. The method described in this blog looks like a great solution -- yet, is there a way to do in-page positioning of the clipboard content that is pasted into OneNote?

    Thanks a lot!

    Please notify me if you reply me via
  • Michael - Yes and no you can do this.  I will try and post something about this but please make sure to contact me if you have other questions.  Take care
  • I am happy I found this extension.  It was getting old pasting a URL into IE just to send a clip to OneNote 2007.

    The formatting and appearance of a clip from IE is still better than from Firefox.  I hope the FE extension is updated over time to match the end results of the IE solution.

  • I have Microsoft One Note 2007 and firefox installed and the plugin says that my version of firefox is not compatible..

    Any solutions?

    (Thanks in advance.)


  • Ranga - I would encourage you to email the author of the extension, you can get that information here:

    I also believe there are extensions which allow you to change the max version of any extension so this will continue to work.

    Finally you can download this extension, open the file (it's a zip file) and then change the version info in the rdf file.  A bit more complicated but it works (and that is what I do).

  • There is an add-on for FireFox called "FoxNotes" that enables clips and associated URL data to be pasted into OneNote in the same manner as IE.  It features other notetaking features as well.

  • I mailed the author but he didn´t replied yet.

    Could someone here please tell what I have to edit in the file?

    I changed the version numbers like above told but Firefox told me that there was a problem in the chroma registry...

    Thank you!


    will allow you to bypass the version check of the extension... point it to the exe and you are good to go...

  • I tried to install the Send to OneNote Firefox extension , but it does not work with FF version

    Need your comments.

    thanks ,

    best wishes


  • Hi,

     I just loaded Firefox 5.0 and purchased Onenote but was unaware there was not a Button for the tool bar. I have tried to downllaod available but firefox will not download the older version and so am unable to update it . Is there somewhere available this add-on with the original program and updates available ? HELP!!!


  • I use One Note everyday and have had trouble with my IE since an automatic update, forcing me to use Firefox until I have time to troubleshoot IE.

    This extension is great! One Note is one of my favorite programs, money well spent!

    Thanks for the great post and the superb advice!

  • The extension does actually work on later versions, the installer just has a bad check. If you find it useful, you can go to the site, download the extension (right click and save the .xpi file).  Unzip the .xpi file with any zip program, and look at the file named install.rdf.  Change the em:maxVersion tag to be something greater than your firefox version, rezip, and install the extension locally.  Seems to be working for me.

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