What I am beta testing...

What I am beta testing...

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What I am currently beta testing:

  1. Office 2007
  2. Windows Vista
  3. Office Communicator 2007
  4. Mozilla Firefox / Bon Echo 2.0
  5. Windows Internet Explorer 7.0
  6. Windows Desktop Search 3.0
  7. Exchange 12 (for the backend)
  8. My own OneNote PowerToys

I love trying new software, it is great!  If you have other suggestions about what I should try please let me know!

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  • My favorite is gmail for your domain.  I own some domains and it is nice to have the gmail webmail linked to these domains (since i don't have the money for exchange).  All of the other free email providers would be smart to follow suit.  They would also be smart to mimick the labels and conversations--those are just life-savers (as a medical student, I recieved over 5000 legit emails last year).

  • where do you get Office Communicator 2007?  Do you have Office Communications server also?

  • I don't believe that Communicator is a public beta and I know that the company is beta testing the LCS server as well which is what I am using.  You might want to try and find a blog about OC or LCS and ask them : )  Good luck!

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