September, 2006

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    Other OneNote file types – OneNote Package & Table of Contents


    Again another blog post that was requested by you the blogshere. As you all know the main OneNote file type is .one which is an individual section file and it lives, as all files in, in a directory/folder. You can open up folders as notebooks in OneNote and any subfolders will be Section Groups in OneNote. However there are a few other OneNote files that are important and in most cases you will never see, but if you are reading this blog then you like to learn about stuff so let me share with you all.

    OneNote Single File Package - .onepkg

    OneNote Packages are like zip files that allow you to share OneNote files across computers including all of the embedded files that were in those sections/files. Additionally you can send entire notebooks which you couldn't do before in OneNote 2003. If you are in OneNote and want to send an entire notebook to someone you can choose File-->Save as and select to save the entire notebook as a .onepkg see here:

    Then you can send that file as an attachment and the recipient can open that file directly and it will take them to OneNote and show them the entire notebook. It is a great way to share files with people and you can't use a shared notebook. It is also a great way to archive all of your files. In reality this is just a CAB file so you can open the file yourself. Note: in earlier builds of OneNote 2007, like Beta1, these were called OneNote Archives and were .onea files (just in case anyone ever googles for ".onea" I wanted to have this out in the world somewhere)

    OneNote Table of Contents - .onetoc & .onetoc2

    Another file type most people have never seen before are the OneNote TOC files. These files are system files by default so unless you have told Windows to show them you probably haven't seen them. These files contain the ordering of sections within a notebook. The .onetoc was for OneNote 2003 and contain information about which files are open/closed and in what order the sections appear. In OneNote 2007 we have .onetoc2 files which has information about ordering of sections. If you delete this file then OneNote will open the notebook in alphabetical order and then you can reorder them yourself.

    If you have questions please let me know.

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    Misplaced Sections


    Earlier this week I got a request to blog about a few concepts in OneNote that haven't been covered before so I thought I would write about them during my lunch break. First of all I was asked about Misplaced Sections; in an ideal world you should never see these. In fact there a large amount of app that you shouldn't see in ideal cases (conflict pages, misplaced sections, error dialogs, etc).

    What are Misplaced Sections? As you know in OneNote 2007 you can sync you notebook to remote locations like a SharePoint site or a UNC/SMB file share and OneNote will sync the changes for you. In most cases we can make the changes to the master copy but imagine that your server went down or you weren't connected to the network. During this time OneNote cannot sync your notes to the master copy, instead OneNote is only working out of the cache. Now as a user if you chose to close the notebook during this time what would happen? If you have changes that haven't been sync'ed you would get a prompt telling you that if you close this notebook now then your changes cannot go into the master copy, but we will not lose your information instead we will put it in Misplaced Sections. This is what the dialog looks like:

    If you click on Cancel then OneNote will not close the notebook, but if you click OK then OneNote will close the notebook. The sections with new changes will go into Misplaced Sections which appears on the bottom of your navigation bar, see here:

    If you have items in Misplaced Sections you can:

    1. Keep them around on that one computer and never delete them
    2. Drag it into another notebook so it becomes part of your notes
    3. Clean them up by choosing to delete individual sections that are in there or choose File-->Delete Misplaced Sections

    Ideally you should never see this but in case you do then you know and knowing is half the battle.

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    My One and Only OneNote


    I love this team & I love OneNote! This morning I was sitting in my office doing some work and my coworker said, "Are you listening to that song too?" "No I said," and then he told me that our test manager, Mike Tholfsen, had send out a song he wrote for OneNote and it was sitting in my inbox. I just couldn't believe it, I know that Mike had a guitar in his office and he claimed he made a song about Outlook, but this was just too cool. I listened to the song and then a bunch of other people came into my office and we were all listening to it. I have to admit I was even humming it throughout the day, I really enjoy it.

    This was just too cool not to share it with you all, so without further ado, I present: My One and Only OneNote (mp3, 3.37megs)

    My One and Only OneNote


    Let me tell you 'bout my favorite application
    A software notebook for the modern age
    One place for all of your notes
    Put any type of content on the digital page

    A flexible tool that works the way you do
    Organize your stuff how you want to
    Brainstorms or meeting notes or doing web research
    Capture, find, share and re-use

    No other software can make me feel this way

    My one and only OneNote
    My one and only OneNote
    My one and only OneNote
    It's the one for me

    Use a shared notebook for group collaboration 
    Or start a live sharing session with your friends
    Like a rich wiki with merge and replication
    Everyone's in sync when the meeting ends

    Tables, tags, clippings, instant search and lasso
    Drawing tools, embedded files and hyperlinks
    XML APIs and caching all your data
    Outlook integration and digital ink

    No other software can make me feel this way

    My one and only OneNote
    My one and only OneNote
    My one and only OneNote
    It's the one for me

    It's part of the 2007 Office System
    Download OneNote for a 60 day trial
    Give it a chance and I promise you
    It will change the way you work and leave you with a smile

    No other software can make me feel this way

    My one and only OneNote
    My one and only OneNote
    My one and only OneNote
    It's the one for me

    Music and Lyrics by Mike Tholfsen ©2006 – Permanent home here

    Nice work Mike! Enjoy everyone and please post your feedback below

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    College Puzzle Challenge 2006


    For the past two years I have been involved with a program we have here @ Microsoft called College Puzzle Challenge which as the website states is:

    College Puzzle Challenge is an annual puzzle-solving competition held simultaneously on college campuses across North America. Teams of 4 participants compete against their peers to solve challenging puzzles and win exciting prizes. This year, College Puzzle Challenge organizers have teamed up with the international organization, S.O.L.V.E. (Special Operations for Location, Verification and Extraction), to explore the secrets of a mysterious island.

    View the latest press release from S.O.L.V.E.

    Last year I went back to the University of Michigan, where I went to college, and helped work on the ground crew. We worked with the students, fed them, and generally had a great day working out the puzzles and showing the students a good time. I never really was into puzzles much until I came to work here. There is a huge culture of puzzle events here @ Microsoft and this even is a great way for us to show people what the culture is like here. Amazingly the same people who love to solve puzzles also like to solve problems let it be coding, DIY stuff like from Make magazine, building robots or cars, etc. We are the tinkers and problem solvers (btw compared to most people I know I suck @ puzzles, I just like to help however I can).

    I just wanted to blog about this because this is one of my side projects that I work on here @ Microsoft that isn't involved with my job, consider it my 20% time or something. I have been working on the website (along with some amazing people) and here it is:

    If you attend one of the following schools:

    • Columbia University
    • Cornell University
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Stanford University
    • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Texas at Austin
    • University of Toronto
    • University of Washington

    I recommend that you find 3 other people and register your team! It will be held on Nov 11th, 2006 from 12noon ET to 12midnight ET, you get free food, free t-shirt and most importantly a chance to have a great time. See you there.

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