Download B2TR now!

Download B2TR now!

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Here is the link to all of the B2TR downloads from and for OneNote + Office, all English you can find other languages on the site. Happy downloading!

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  • Hi. Where is the "Indexer Info" pane that you highlighted a few days ago? I can't find it in B2TR....

    Also, I am getting a lot of duplicates in my "Tag Summaries"! Anyone else experiencing this???
  • Search is still not working for me.
  • Hi,

    if you install office 2007 (without onenote), and apply the TR patch, how can you then installe onente on it ?
    it fails on my vista rc1 machine


  • Guest & Jim - Please see my post about how to improve search in OneNote:

    That should give you a bunch of great information!
  • Koen -

    No I don't believe you can do this.  The B2TR update is a patch to whatever you already had installed on the machine.  You would need to install OneNote B2 and see if that works, if it does then just run the B2TR patch again.

    I am guessing that you will need to uninstall everything and then install all B2 apps and then run the patch which will update everything @ once.  I *strongly* recommend uninstalling everything and then installing fresh and then patching.

    Good luck!
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