OneNote Viewer – Try the trial instead

OneNote Viewer – Try the trial instead

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Chris has a great post: OneNote Viewer, here is a preview:

I sometimes get asked if there is a "viewer" available for OneNote files. There are viewers available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint (among others) so this is a natural question.

The answer for OneNote is yes: it is called the trial version. You download it here for free, and it lets anyone view and search and print OneNote files with perfect fidelity. Oh, it also lets you *edit* and create such files for the first 60days. And you can convert this viewer into the full product by purchasing a license and activating it with the code you get when you purchase (no additional download required).

Check out the rest of the post for more commentary from Chris.

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  • I really wonder what might have happened to the viewer project.

    IMO it would be most useful.

    As we are at viewing:

    Any chance to see a "preview handler"??

    Would urgently be needed especially fir the results of Windows Search.

  • Anything new on the subjects Viwer and Preview?


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