OneNote 2007 + MindManger

OneNote 2007 + MindManger

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I just got an email last week from Michael at Mindjet where he wrote me about a new app he wrote that allows you to:

  • From MindManager, you can easily map out the Notebooks, Section Groups, Sections, Pages, and Subpages, including hyperlinks:
    Select File...Open...OneNote 2007 Notebooks.
  • From MindManager, you can send the current map to OneNote as an image that you can sketch on and annotate:
    Select File...Export...Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.
  • From OneNote, you can send a page to MindManager as a hyperlinked topic:
    Press the Send to MindManager button on the Standard toolbar in OneNote.


You can read all about it here: OneNote 2007 + MindManager. From talking with Michael he said it was one of the most popular addins they had with over 100 downloads in 24 hours! And that is even before we have publically shipped OneNote 2007! I can see right now that there are 332 download which is just amazing. Here are some screenshots:

The hierarchy of OneNote 2007 notebooks, sections, and pages in MindManager

A MindManager map in OneNote that you can sketch on.

This is just amazing and great for our customers to hats off to Michael for writing this. He said that he used this blog post and documentation to write his tool: Creating Toolbar Buttons in OneNote 2007. So if you would like to do something like this please check out this documentation!

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  • It has been awhile since I have posted anything about the OneNote API and I apologize/apologise for that;

  • It has been awhile since I have posted anything about the OneNote API and I apologize/apologise for that;

  • I wish Microsoft would buy MindJet and merge Mind Manager and OneNote (Microsoft MindNotes?)

    It's like chocolate and peanut butter. Each is good one its own, but just sticking chocolate on peanut butter or peanut butter on chocolate isn't as a good a Reese's peanut butter cup. The add-in is pretty good, but the best solution would be a combined product. Either OneNote free form note-taking in Mind Manager or hierarchical, tree notes in OneNote.

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