OMSpy - A OneNote developer’s tool

OMSpy - A OneNote developer’s tool

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I know a few people have created their own app which does this but I finally wanted to release the one that Ilya Koulchin created for us on the OneNote team. Introducing..OMSpy

OMSpy Overview

OMSpy is a tool to get you started using the OneNote API, it allows you to export the XML for an entire OneNote hierarchy, sections & pages. It also lets you update the hierarchy with one click of a button. Additionally you can update the page content and see if you edits are valid before updating them on a page.




  1. Refresh – This will refresh the current hierarchy of what you see in the view
  2. Release – This will release OMSpy's COM reference to OneNote
  3. Get Content – If you have an item selected this will give you the XML for the content. This is mainly useful for the pages
  4. Update Content – If you make changes in the content field it will update the XML accordingly and make a change on the page.
  5. Publish PDF – This will publish a PDF for the current item selected, via the API
  6. Save Archive – This will create a OneNote Package (onepkg file) for the item selected
  7. New Page – This will create a new page in the section selected
  8. Navigate To – This will launch OneNote and navigate to the item selected
  9. Update Properties – This will update the page's properties as listed under the main content
  10. Exit – Well I think you can understand this one

All you need to do is to download and extract it wherever you want, make sure you have OneNote 2007 installed and then you are done! I believe it needs the .net 2.0 framework.


If you have problems please let us know. <applause> Otherwise a big thanks to Ilya for his help on this! <applause>

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