Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

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What a busy day! I just heard from another Tester John Guin that he has another OneNote powertoy available. This one will export all of your Outlook Notes to OneNote with one click of the button. If you have been wanting to migrate your notes here is the time!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip


  1. You will need .Net Framework 2.0 installed
  2. Run setup.exe
  3. Close and restart Outlook
  4. You will now see this button when you are in the Outlook Notes module:

    Just click on Export To OneNote

  5. You will then see this:

  6. Now check your Unfiled Notes section and your notes will be there!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip

Nice work John! If you have problems/questions please let us know in the comments below.

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  • Is this only for 2007 versions..?  I am still running 2003s.. I installed it without problems, but the button is not visible in Outlook.

  • Yes you need Office 2007 to run this, sorry for the confusion.

  • Dan Escapa is on a tear releasing a set of new PowerToys for OneNote 2007. What's going on is that a

  • Hi,

    Is it compatible with the notes we collected in the vista box.

  • Have installed it cant start it

    under Comaddins available but cant be checked

  • brittog - No this only works for your notes you took in Outlook not the notes taken in the Windows Sidebar.

  • Sorry for the problems.   Can you exit outlook, then  uninstall and re-install?


    John Guin

  • I didn't see this mentioned. If you use it more than once, will it duplicate previously existing notes, or only copy over newly added Outlook notes?

  • Scott - I believe it will duplicate previous notes though maybe John can chime in.

  • I LOVE OneNote .. I use it all the time as my one shop note taker and with a tablet pc it is even better

  • This will re-export each time you click the button.  So, yes, duplicates will result.

    I had originally thought about deleting the Outlook StickyNotes after export, but decided against it.  Some people have thousands of these items, and I did not want to create a panic by "wiping them out" when done.

    Another thought I had was adding the functionality to open OneNote instead (or in addition to) opening the Outlook Notes folder when you click it.  I can see the case where you would always want access to the MAPI folder in Outlook, so completely stopping you from opening that would be bad.  I can also think that once you export your notes into OneNote, you would want OneNote to be used instead of the Outlook Notes folder.  I could create another addin to open OneNote in addition to the Outlook folder when you try to open the Outlook folder if there is any interest, but launching OneNote is easy enough that it would probably not be very useful to many people at all.

    Just thinking out loud,

    John Guin

  • I'm looking forward to this handy add-in, but I'm having problems..


    Vista Ultimate

    Office/Outlook 2007

    OneNote 2007

    Everything appears to install correctly, but when I re-launch Outlook, the button is not loaded.

    When I check Trust Settings>Add-Ins, the Export To OneNote box is listed in the inactive list. When I go to Manage Com Add-Ins, Export To OneNote is unchecked...but when I highlight it, there is an error reported below as "Not Loaded. A runtime error occurred during loading of the COM Add-in".

    The funny thing is the location says just mscoree.dll without any path listed. All of my other add-ins have paths pointing to somewhere in ProgramFiles>Office12 etc.

    Could it just be the mscoree.dll needs to be moved?



  • I have Outlook 2003 and OneNote 2007. I installed the PowerToy, and the Toolbar appears, but nothing happens when I click the button. Do I need Outlook 2007 as well as OneNote 2007? Any suggestions as to how to achieve the same result in Outlook 2003?

  • As written, I have a dependency on Outlook 2007, so you need the latest version of Outlook.

    On the plus side, this addin should work for all future versions of Outlook.

    Sorry for the hassle,


  • Craig,

    having mscoree.dll listed as the addin is expected: all managed code addins use this dll.

    The only thing I discovered that may help is:

    0. Uninstall

    1. Ensure outlook is not running when you run setup.exe

    2. Make sure you run setup, and not the MSI file

    3. If all else fails, click the Go button and re-enable the checkbox next to the addin name.  Save all your settings and restart.

    Hope this helps,


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