Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

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What a busy day! I just heard from another Tester John Guin that he has another OneNote powertoy available. This one will export all of your Outlook Notes to OneNote with one click of the button. If you have been wanting to migrate your notes here is the time!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip


  1. You will need .Net Framework 2.0 installed
  2. Run setup.exe
  3. Close and restart Outlook
  4. You will now see this button when you are in the Outlook Notes module:

    Just click on Export To OneNote

  5. You will then see this:

  6. Now check your Unfiled Notes section and your notes will be there!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip

Nice work John! If you have problems/questions please let us know in the comments below.

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  • I tried all your suggestions but I can't get it installed. I really would love to as I will then buy OneNote for our entire Sales force. Any clues?


  • Dan,

    One thing I'm amazed at, having once again searched like crazy, is that there is no built in or add on functionality for exporting Outlook tasks, with notes as a subitem, to OneNote. Here, when I say notes, I'm talking about what you see when you double click on an outlook task, the freeform text details about the task.

    To me, onenote is the essential organizing brother for outlook, in that it gives you the ability to outline, which Outlook has never had, plus Outlook task synch. Between the 2 of them, you have the ability to hierarchically organize information in projects, and then make individual tasks "live" with scheduling and other meta-data provided in Outlook.

    The only problem is, no one has had the foresite to create an easy way to export all of that Outlook content, in order to "start over" with a real organizing tool, namely an outliner. My God, am I the only one who has longed for Outlines in Outlook? I had hopes when I saw your notes exporter, but it seems this has nothing to do with "real tasks."

    Ecco Pro 4.1 was THE tool for me, allowing outlining and meta-data in one. But it was killed. Please, bring this ability to Outlook/Onenote by giving me the ability to easily bring all of my tasks and sub-notes into OneNote easily. I don't even care about the Outlook meta-data since I'll be reorganizing it all from scratch. Just task and sub-notes.


  • Benjamin - I know that the person who wrote this is out of the office for some time (serving overseas).  If you want to contact me via the contact me I can get your email address and let you know when he gets back into town.

  • John,

    OK...it's working now. Thanks.

    I uninstalled killed a running Outlook process and a running OneNote process...that seemed to do the trick.


  • Hi - This is just what I need, however it only seems to move one note (outlook note), which is not the file I have highlighted or open?

    - Dave

  • I am new to onenote.  This program worked great.  However, is there anyway to bring the original date the note was created into Onenote?



  • I love OneNote! I have Vista Home Premium and Office 2007 on my machine. I exported only a portion of my notes--the ones with no categories or colors applied. I've tried moving the ones already moved to a different folder in a different .PST file, but each time I try to get the remaining Outlook Notes to move, the move PowerToy sends a portion of the uncategorized Notes to the unfiled Notes section of OneNote again. Any suggestions are much appreciated!



  • I wanted to welcome John Guin , a OneNote Test Lead, to the blogsphere. John is new to our team for Office14

  • Hi all,

    i still there where "craig" was, before - the trick - was working. I tried everything written here, also to stop outlook and onenote prozess in taskmanager, but its not helping, the add-in is not acceptet.. the error is the same.... I have a lot to export....;)

    any idea from someone?


  • If you are running on Vista, be sure to run as admin, and select to "Install for all users."


  • *** 3 Critical issues!!!

    1) Will it export each sticky note from OUTLOOK as a new page in OneNote?

    2) Will it export each folder in OUTLOOK note as a separate FOLDER/Notebook in OneNote?

    3) Will it retain the original date/time attributes of the sticky note from outlook?

  • Is there a way to do the same with Outlook Contact Notes?


  • Is there a way to export Outlook CONTACT Notes to OneNote?


  • Install seemed to go OK.  Outlook 2007 and OneNote both closed during install, no running processes for either.  Toolbar shows up fine in Outlook.  I select a note, a OneNote task fires up in the background...then nuttin.  No confirmation dialog, no note on the OneNote side.  Clues?


  • Excellent bit of software, thanks!

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