Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

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What a busy day! I just heard from another Tester John Guin that he has another OneNote powertoy available. This one will export all of your Outlook Notes to OneNote with one click of the button. If you have been wanting to migrate your notes here is the time!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip


  1. You will need .Net Framework 2.0 installed
  2. Run setup.exe
  3. Close and restart Outlook
  4. You will now see this button when you are in the Outlook Notes module:

    Just click on Export To OneNote

  5. You will then see this:

  6. Now check your Unfiled Notes section and your notes will be there!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip

Nice work John! If you have problems/questions please let us know in the comments below.

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  • I've tried ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote and it doesn't work - i.e. nothing happens when yuou click. What a shame! Any hints? And could you tell me how to uninstall?

  • What is the difference between this add-in and the icon in the toolbar call "Send selected e-mail to OneNote"?  

  • Worked like a charm....thanks!

  • AHA .. I found out why it wasn't installing!

    Not only do you have to close Outlook .. but you must have your smartphone/pda disconnected from computer if you have one.

    If your phone is connected and you use ActiveSync, Outlook never actually fully closes.

    Close Outlook, Disconnect your phone from your computer, reinstall, reopen Outlook .. what Whalaa!

  • Installed the power toy fine. When I run the export it will only export the first (2) notes and stop.

  • I was getting ready to post this list of the addins the OneNote Test Team worked on in the year 2007

  • This tool is great and gets my notes to OneNote very effectively.  I have noticed that it will drop anything surrounded by a GT and LT sign.  For example, a note including the text "segment (surrounded by <% ... %>) and..." will be transferred as "segment (surrounded by ) and..."

    Is there any way that anyone knows of to get around this?


  • This works great for text notes, but not for the handwritten notes I have.  Any way to move them over?

  • I am using Windows XP Professional SP2 and Office 2007 so both OneNote and Outlook are the 2007 edition.

    I install the powertoy with Outlook and OneNote closed.

    When i open the notes section i don't seem to be able to find the ExportToOneNote button.

    It's not in the toolbars section and the strange thing is that it is mentioned as active in the Add-Ins list at Trust Center!

    Any ideas...?

  • No JOY! I have it installed but cannot get the toolbar to appear. I have tried all the above "tricks" (kill services, run as admin, no PDA attached, GO and enable). The Add-In showed to be disabled. I enable, exit, restart Outlook and it is disabled. The .dll behavior show unloaded but I cannot seem to load it. Re-installed many time now... NO JOY! Thoughts? I have tons of notes to move to OneNote.

  • When I chose to export my notes, it only exports very few of my notes. All my notes have no category or anything else than the note body, so I cannot seem to understand why just a few are making it to ON. Any idea?



  • Installed OK & worked once. Now getting Sysrem.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException Error (x80042006)

    Have to close Outlook from Taskmanager to continue.l

  • I am facing exactly the same problem as aresquare...

    installed, reinstalled, followed all the mentioned tricks, but... nothing!

    Any more helpful thoughts?

    WOuld be strongly appreciated!

  • Like others above, I am not having complete success with this add-on. The installed seems to run fine. The toolbar appears and seems to do "something" when launched but nothing appears in OneNote.

    I've followed the suggestions above but can't seem to get it to work.

  • Nice! I had a lot of outlook notes and transfered them in OneNote.

    Thanks a lot!

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