Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

Export your Outlook notes to OneNote

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What a busy day! I just heard from another Tester John Guin that he has another OneNote powertoy available. This one will export all of your Outlook Notes to OneNote with one click of the button. If you have been wanting to migrate your notes here is the time!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip


  1. You will need .Net Framework 2.0 installed
  2. Run setup.exe
  3. Close and restart Outlook
  4. You will now see this button when you are in the Outlook Notes module:

    Just click on Export To OneNote

  5. You will then see this:

  6. Now check your Unfiled Notes section and your notes will be there!

Download now: ExportOutlookNotestoOneNote.zip

Nice work John! If you have problems/questions please let us know in the comments below.

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  • Hello John and other people struggling to get the powertoy running,

    I have finally managed to install it and now it works properly.

    The decisive step was to enable .NET-Support for Outlook. This can be done in the office configuration. A more detailled explanation can be found here


    (refering to OneNote, but the spot where to change settings is the same for Outlook; when enabling .NET-support for Outlook you should at the same time also enable .NET support for oneNote)

    Hope that helps!

  • It doesn't export any notes when all or part of the notes are notes synchronized from a pocket pc device.

  • I'm following your directions but I'm getting

    an error wzeay32.dll with the winzip.  Any ideas?


  • Just what I needed. Thanks.


  • Running Office 2007 on Vista w/.NET framework.  Followed installation steps above, "Outlook notes to OneNote" appears in Outlook Add-ins, but no "Look" button appears.  Please help. thx.

  • A very useful tool. Thank you very much!

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't work with Office 2010. Just fyi.

  • I'm getting errors trying to use this app with OUTLOOK 2010. I wanted to confirm that this will not work with OUTLOOK 2010.

  • I also cannot get this powertoy to work with Outlook 2010.  With the introduction of Windows Phone 7 and 10 years of notes in Outlook, I am absolutely stunned that Microsoft hasn't forseen this issue.  Why not include the ability to export Outlook Notes to One Note?

  • Hey Daniel,

    Does this work for Outlook 2010. I tried using this in Outlook 2010, the addin installs, but does not export the note to onenote.

    Is there a tweek or is there a different version available

  • Sudharsan,  Sadly, I have lost the code for this addin, but another reader came up with a utility to do this:blogs.msdn.com/.../an-outlook-routine-to-export-sticky-notes-and-then-import-them-to-onenote.aspx

    has the details.

    Sorry for the problems,


  • installed the tool, restart the machine, no tool visible/available.  what's up?

  • Should this process work on a macbook air?

  • My Outlook Notes are arranged in the folder. The add-in worked, but it ignored the folder structure. Is there a way around it?

  • Thanks to John or whoever wrote this code (I'm not certain from notes above).  I'm sure it took some time and it really saves the rest of us a bunch of time.

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